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  1. any idea when you guys think he will be back in line ups
  2. just simply give me your thought would u do it? need the better C iyo and WHIR for sure
  3. id drop favours, would u drop gortat for collins?
  4. would you guys drop saric, gortat or e.payton for him or hold on those players, kind of need to get my boards up
  5. the WW players are located in the forum post, Greg Monroe, Sabonis, Len, Chanler, E.davis, Cauley-Stein, , what do u think now? thanks for the help
  6. myles turner must turn it all around sooner or later, if the guy goes through with this id say definitely go forward with it!
  7. got offered kyrie for whiteside...tough choice here im currently ranked 5th in 10 team h2h 13 CAT yahoo league, WHIR 100% my team: PG/SG: harden, CP3, Mitchell, DSJ , Dinwiddie SF: hardaway, tobias harris, melo, kyle anderson (prob will drop) PF/C: Dwight, Whiteside, Pau Gasol, Steven Adams, IL: millsap.. so since millsap out if i make the trade im thinking im going to lose out on boards , but i was thinking about dropping maybe anderson and mitchell for some C's Current WW: Greg Monroe, Sabonis, Len, Chanler, E.davis, Cauley-Stein,
  8. thanks for the help, btw do u think hollis jefferson or jeremy lamb is a better pick up? to drop d.mitchell
  9. is it time to pick up jeremy lamb? also got hollis jefferson who u guys think would be smarter to get (to drop d. mitchell)
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