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  1. id watch him in a 10 team league, 12 team id add and 14 man I’d run to the wire NOW i think ROS he could flirt with top 100 numbers just from the STL potential, also the reb for a guard position offer a nice boost
  2. I feel that PJ and Bridges can't go hand and hand; PJ wasn't there last year post break. Im really considering dropping him for J. grant type player in my 12 team
  3. I'm tempted to drop in my 12 team, he's looking like hot trash, there will be fewer min. I feel as the season goes on
  4. What do we think is reasonable ROS 14/9/1/0.5/1?
  5. Literally just traded for him and the first game I get him he’s now hurt, that stings, fingers crossed it’ll only be day to day
  6. Holiday or George Hill? do you think holiday can hang on to ROA value?
  7. from my experience in athletic training we’re probably looking until after the new year, about 3-4 weeks on average depending on the severity
  8. I like Boucher more, gasol out as well, his per minute upside is drooling
  9. Time to grab? any value when Collins comes back
  10. I'm riding the wave, just made a move, essentially he has nobody to compete for minutes, the warriors are lost this season Wouldn't be shocked to see 15/5/2/1/1 (3PT/STL) with good percentages the rest of the way
  11. Worth using the number 1 waiver spot in a 12 man league, recently dropped?
  12. If were looking to move Graham, what sort of player do we think would be worth a consideration 4th or 5th round value?
  13. Huerter or D white, better ROS Outlook?
  14. I like House, his minutes are there, Rockets don’t run too deep
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