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  1. Probably the greatest Player in the wolves in over 15 yeArs
  2. So glad I didn’t trade him before the deadline
  3. What a horrible season for this guy, made no noise whatsoever. Thought he would’ve with Philly.
  4. f--- at least tell me if you ire going to dog it for the rest of the year
  5. I got offered Montrezl and PG for Towns. The second this is something serious I'll accept. I hope it isn't though.
  6. Do you guys think he’s worth keeping at this point? He hasn’t been too good this year and with GR3 coming it wouldn’t he just cut into his minutes and production ?
  7. If youre not in, you’re out. He’s gonna play well in Washington
  8. I've been dropping and holding this guy for like two consecutive years. Finally he's doing this!!!
  9. Has to be followed by Love or TT gone... no?
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