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  1. Bugger all minutes again it's looking like with Johnson coming in for Baynes with 9 mins left..
  2. He's already tanked my FG this week so at this point I'd rather him keep jacking it up and get it all out of system
  3. That would be the lowest he has ever shot from the field. They simply won't run him as the no.1 option if he shoots lower than 43/44% Agree that his fantasy value won't rise to top 60/70 if he's not playing much 4
  4. Bruski high on this man - quoted on the HoopBall podcast as saying "there is no way this guy doesn't beat his yahoo ADP/Ranking" which was somewhere in the 90s. I took him at 87 and I'm optimistic. Hasn't found his looks yet on offense but hes an elite on and off ball defender who can switch multiple positions so are minutes going to be in doubt? No. He's ideally an undersized 4 but will play some 3 in Detroit which probably means lower blocks than when he plays the 4 but we are talking about a guy who outside of last year in denver was a 1.8b per 36 guy with 0.9s per 36. H
  5. Less points more 3s. I think something in the realm of 12p 3trips and 2-3 assists on ~42-43% from the field and 80% from the line
  6. Thats how I feel. Its so iffy, and yeah Gasol is great, although hes driving me insane with sub .400 shooting in every second game!! Iv held off for now. I feel like we have to be getting an update on kawhi soon right?? right...??? no?? mmm....
  7. Okay so currently have this setup: Punt Assists. League is H2H daily lineups. PG CJ McCollum PG Lou Williams G Gary Harris SG Kawhi Lenoard - INJ SG Wilson Chandler SF Kevin Durant SF Taurean Prince F Jamychel Green PF Rondae Hollis Jefferson PF Otto Porter C Marc Gasol C Clint Capela Bench: Malcolm Brogdon, Denzel Valentine, Allen Crabbe NO IR!! Running a punt assists. Crabbe and Valentine are weekly stream options as my opponent is strong in 3s but with them can catch him. I have been pr
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