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  1. Choker in playoffs last 3 games!! But don't worry guys, he said he will work out with Kobes, he's value for next season shouldn't be damage. Late 2nd, early 3rd round draft pick IMO.
  2. Completely unrelated, but I hope they trade him to Bucks and somehow keep Jabari. Giannis, Jabari, Kawhi plus Brogdon or Bledsoe, whoever they package or both. I am bucks fan, totally unrelated. Sorry...
  3. I hope Memphis gets rid of this dude, so MarShon can fully take the scoring and leadership role. They will probably trade Marc and Mike plus Tyreke next year and go full rebuild and MarShon could become a solid guy next year for everyones fantasy team.
  4. IF the spurs lose Kawhi somehow, it would be devastating. How could they not get great players last summer is beyond me and this happening, Spurs ain't seeing playoffs for some time in near future.
  5. Didn't watch game, but he looked like himself again. Back to earth. Welcome back, Taurean!
  6. 2 great games in a row. Did he stop dating Jenner ?
  7. FACTS! Its all illusion, like ppl saying he could guard Shaq. He wouldn't be that good as he is now in any other team. Well, maybe in 76ers he would have the same role!
  8. Wanted to ask all the time seeing the pic - Is it Mr. Wiggins ? Why choose a pic of such a bad player ?
  9. risk it. Wise man once said - if you aint risking, you don't want to win it real bad. So, other day you said take Josh Richardson for next week, I couldn't. I saw what Josh Jackson did and immediately picked him up. I know what Jrich is capable of, JJackson might be onto something. Good luck!!
  10. Plays amazing today, gets hit in groin. Why does it need to happen now ? I believe he'll make grand return in 4th quarter! BTW, Awesome game! Advise to watch it! 4th coming up!
  11. Offtop - where do you think Oladipo ADP next year will be? I predict 15 - 20. If he could shoot and don't have slump games - 11 - 15.
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