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  1. Steals and 3's specialist. I'm streaming him. Rockets will begin the first of a back to back and have good matchups against Brooklyn and Chicago.
  2. Honestly, reminds a lot of a young Batum minus the blocks. When his shot doesn't fall, the other numbers will still be there. He's got good vision and fights for boards. I'm not dropping unless there is an obvious pickup.
  3. I would try to sell high. He's not this efficient.
  4. 41, 7, 6, 56fg%, 83ft%, 5 treys.. Please never doubt on the LETTER O.
  5. Exactly. The only thing that's annoying tonight is the the two missed free throw's. Can't complain though.
  6. Lillard usually gets it going in the second half. Relax.
  7. Does anyone think the assists will be there all season? I've only seen one Suns game and most of the dimes are really just dribble handoffs. What number can we expect ROS?
  8. Don't own Harris, but he is so fun to watch. Moves so well without the ball, very Klay-esque.
  9. KAT is usually a slow starter. He'll get it together, especially when Butler is sent out.
  10. 'Must own' is too general looking at things. If he fits a specific team build, he should be rostered. As stated in this thread, blocks, 3's and decent scoring is a very valuable fantasy skillset.
  11. True. Glad that I took BroLo in the 70's. I've been a fan forever.
  12. Vooch fell to me in the 60's. People are always snoozing on him.
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