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  1. Wasn't hicks or mack (maybe both) out for a lot of these games?
  2. I think there is a lot of risk depending on his civil suit set for January 2021. As long as there is no adverse ruling against him perhaps other teams may take a shot?
  3. Could be a similar situation as last week against ATL. The thing is DET is a worse DEF than ATL... so fournette may actually do some damage on the ground despite his inefficiency. So all-in-all i doubt there is a huge uptick for AB.
  4. I mean even before his injury a few weeks back, his start to his season wasn't great either. Watching his games early on this season, it looked as if he lacks the explosiveness that he had when he came to AZ mid-to-late during the 2019 season. I found it very surprising that he just wasn't the same kind of runner as he was a season ago.
  5. you think age is catching up to him? i noticed that for a lot of football players their level of play dramatically drops within a season
  6. He may have banged up this knee in one play but was back after a few plays. Nothing too alarming
  7. His longest run was only for 16ish yards. He needs volume and a TD to get close to low end RB1 numbers.
  8. This Plus the Raiders just fired their defense coordinator. Hopefully this means that the the interim coach would give the Chargers some hell and keep the Raiders ahead or at least behind by only one possession. This should bode well for Jacobs' usage.
  9. He is blocking way too much. With Julio out too, this doesn't help Hurst at all. Guess we need to pick up a streamer for the next 2 weeks for playoffs...
  10. They should seriously let Herbert ball it out. Not only is it fun to watch, the Chargers actually keep it pretty competitive for the opposing team. This whole dink and dunk style is atrocious...
  11. That depends on how much Tee Higgins emerges next season. May turn into a Juju vs. Dionte/Claypool situation.
  12. So I am not sure how this works with the teams, but if I were a franchise owner and I am paying a ton of salary for a top player, wouldn't I want him to return and make him work for his money? I do also understand that this can be see as an investment but if he isn't playing its just money lost on the table. As an owner, I would at least want him to return for a few games and earn his contract rather then let him sit. This is of course if he is healthy enough to play for a few games.
  13. Think he is a safe drop at this point if you have other viable options.
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