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  1. Not sure what to do at this point.....Drop or not drop
  2. Huerter over Prince ? Huerter is on waiver, and I am seriously considering swapping those 2 ;(
  3. Would you drop Tyreke Evans for Slow Mo? Evans just pisses me off with his production despite given the opportunity
  4. Thank you everyone! I will have to think hard about this
  5. Sorry I didn't clarify enough before...He's trying for my KAT... Therefore you would accept that trade?
  6. Need your help badly! Someone just proposed AD for my KAT...I am in H2H with tight race to playoffs...Would you accept that deal? Obviously we all know about ADs injury
  7. Since we r in week 13, would you guys keep him in 10 team league?
  8. Would you trade player like Cauley Stein? Someone in my league offered that to me...I am torn in terms of what I should do
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