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  1. Damn....forgot about that. Id have to play AD in two weeks against probably the best team in my league. I might have to drop out the 2nd seed and move out of his bracket. he is really that scary to go up against
  2. if he doesnt get the injury tag before 12 oclock so I can pick up a streamer I will seriously have to consider never using Yahoo fantasy basketball again. You cant have these types of critical management errors this late in the season when REAL actual people with REAL actual money on the line are relying on "THE OFFICAL RULES". I thought for sure once the game started and he was "officially" ruled out they would give it to him. but this is getting really ridiculous. does anyone know if ESPN has updated him?
  3. Yahoo has been wildly inconsistent with this all year. it makes no sense, whoever is in charge of the fantasy basketball department really has no clue what theyre doing
  4. even if he finishes this season off strong I wont be drafting him next year
  5. If Im the Mavs I feel like Nerlens value is already shot around the league so he wont be getting overpaid no matter what, especially in what is predicted to be a small market for free agents. The only decision the Mavs have to make is wether they want to keep him on their team or let him go and draft a center. So why not let him and Dennis run wild out there together and if it doesnt work he helps you loose games. If it does works then there is your center of the future (or solid situational backup) on what will probably be a decent cheap contract. But I feel like the Mavs dont even really kno
  6. Im definitely among the percentage of people that feel like Elfrid Payton would play atleast 15% better and get paid 80 percent more next year if he cut that damn hair off
  7. yea you can definitely expect a bounce back tomorrow with between 3-4 threes. look at his game log, hes a 3pt specialist/Evan Fournier type player with more assists
  8. These are young Kawhi numbers before he blew up. Better watch out next year. He might take that leap.
  9. The FTA tonight hurt but he's usually a low volume guy. I think in h2h if you can't withstand a couple games of 3-4 FTA then your team is probably already bad in percentages so you might as well just roster him anyway. He's probably a top 25 Center option overall for a low end Center who blocks shots. I think his z-score isn't truly indicative of his value. 12-8-1.3-1.3 is pretty damn valuable no matter what the player rater says.
  10. Maaaan ain't no coming back from this. Ain't enough comeback in the world
  11. Thank God he's not a boxer or football player cause f---
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