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  1. 8 TEAMS H2H Standard 9-cat 2-Davis 15-Beal 18-Ayton 31-Vucevic 34-Lavine 47-D'angelo Russell 50-Jonas Valenciunas 63-Michael Porter Jr. 66-Dejounte Murray 79-Thomas Bryant 82-Tyler Herro 95-Oladipo 98-Aaron Gordon 111-Wendell Carter jr. 114-Mike Conley 127-Norman Powell 130-Daniel Theis 143-Bogdan Bogdanovic 146-Derrick Rose 159-Will Barton Any comments on who should i add or replace or target to trade? Thank you.
  2. I just desperately need this guy. He was my second pick and until now i've got nothing from him. I hope we'll get good news this Saturday and after that he'll give us some good numbers.
  3. Ekpe Udoh for tonight. No Favors, no Gobert. He's the only big guy that they have right now.
  4. Fantasy points league scoring goes as: 1 - point, 1 - rbs, 1 assts, 1 stls, 1 lks, -1 T/O, 5 dd, 10 td. I need to pick two of these three players for tonight: Vanvleet, Evan Turner and Terrance ferguson. Thanks for your help.
  5. It's time to drop him. He does nothing and right now it's useless to keep him. If he starts to play the way he had played before he got injured, then i'll try to have him again.
  6. He's like a joke right now and i'm happy to have him. 15 threes in two matches. Unreal shooting performance.
  7. I have them on my roster too and we've got almost nothing from them so far.
  8. I'm truly sorry. I hope that he'll play next week. I have Gobert and Conley on my roster and now Oladipo... What a terrible season.
  9. Say goodbye to the mvp award James. Also as a rockets fan, i now say goodbye to home court advantage in playoffs.
  10. I really want to trust this guy and he's really productive when he gets 25+ minutes. But the thing is that he's not getting those minutes regularly. One day he gets 30 minutes and then suddenly in the upcoming match he gets 20 minutes.
  11. 4 points and 1 rebound in the first half against pelicans. A very good performance bro.
  12. It seems like Budenholzer won't give 30+ minutes in near future. It's just frustrating. Why would someone pick Plumlee over Collins? Just let him play.
  13. Should we start to worry? I am going to win my matchup this week whether he'll play or not but i'll need him next week asap. Don't let us down Victor.
  14. Fantasy points league scoring goes as: 1 - point, 1 - rbs, 1 assts, 1 stls, 1 blks, -1 T/O, 5 dd, 10 td Currently got the following team: Westbrook Lowry Barnes Oladipo Enes Kanter Dinwiddie Rajon Rondo John Collins Ish Smith Tyus Jones Biyombo Courtney Lee Willie Stein Olynk Markieff Morris IL - Conley IL - Gobert I need to create space on my roster. I'm thinking of trading Enes, Dinwiddie, Lowry and Barnes for Durant and Horford. What do you think? Thanks for your
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