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  1. Thoughts on this guy lately? He's strung together some nice games
  2. Think he's gonna finish the season strong or is this just part of his yo-yo of a season?
  3. Are invited to the funeral of his fantasy value?
  4. I was saying I'd be content with if all he did was maintain his current averages even if (as you said) he will probably be delivering even more value now that he is back to his regular workload.
  5. Beast. If he can maintain whatever he's been averaging since his return, we're in for a treat. This is borderline 1st round value.
  6. Hard to drop this guy. Lots of duds so far but also several gems that remind us of what he's capable of. His numbers at the back-half of last season were solid and I'm willing to wait a bit.
  7. After a game where he put up 17 at the half, he's at 0 at the half. What is up with this guy lately? Traded for him last week and I haven't been impressed at all.
  8. He must be trying real hard then because it's working
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