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  1. Considering that he plays like once a week, did the blurb mean to say top 400?
  2. The magic are such a garbage team that even when their top guys go down, there's never any worthwhile adds
  3. Depends on the league mate. In points leagues, Coby has much more value than Bagley.
  4. I think there's always that mindset that people don't wanna trade good players for a guy you got for free off the wire. Lol
  5. I don't see any way that Dipo stays. One, he wants to go to another contender (allegedly prefers Miami). Two, Tillman is cheap.
  6. Guys stop it. Wood with 17 1st half minutes to Cousins 6. Wood is their franchise player. The rest of the cast is there on pit stops
  7. I wouldn't go that far. Though it is annoying when he has nights like this where he's invisible
  8. I like the upside play there. Gordon is who he is at this point. An inconsistent oft-injured player. Otto is a hot and cold bench player
  9. Capela. He's been a dbl-dbl machine. And guards imo are easier to find as the season goes on then centers.
  10. Damn you probably have the deepest team in your league! But yea I like Garland and surprised he's even on your wire. Does your league not have an IR spot?
  11. For one day? I would go Dragic with Jimmy still being out
  12. AD. Wood is very good but keep in mind lately he's been playing with half the team missing. And Keldon is still kind of inconsistent, not in real life but in terms of fantasy impact.
  13. Yes. Richardson is as meh as they come. Quickley should only get better as he forces Thibs to play him more
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