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  1. The Green Bay Packers are staying defensive and again shaking their fist at the Saints for swiping a guy we really liked. That said we’re pretty “Stoked,” with our next pick, Eric Stokes, CB from Georgia. They always say you can’t have enough cornerbacks and while there’s a great slot defender on the board it’s tough to pass up 2nd team All-SEC DB. @mocha4313 go ahead and take another guy I’m high on lol
  2. Considering that 60-70% of the QBs in the NFL are pretty bad that's a dice role you're gonna take. He could over-achieve, in which case you feel great about having a pretty good QB on a rookie deal and then beyond, or he could never materialize into anything at all. That would be par of the vast majority of all QBs drafted. EDIT: For the record I think 2nd round is a little early for Trask value-wise, but overall I think he has some pro potential.
  3. Yes, you see the metal that Trask has when you watch Pitts's tape. I think his bell-curve potential is somewhere between Nick Foles and Eli Manning's average years.
  4. The Arizona Cardinals continue to shore up the defense with freak nose tackle Alim McNeil who should fit into their 3-4 scheme well as a run stopper. He was a four-star recruit who played really well at NC State this past season as college football's 2nd highest graded DT. He doesn't have the pass rushing skills that some of the other IDL's in this class do but he had the best performance among all prospects against the run and for a NT what more could you want? Is this pick super sexy? No. But you know what is sexy for a defense? 2nd and 8. @lolcopter you're up. I'll take the
  5. Imagine my disappointment when I showed up for Day 2 and found out my first round pick cost me my job!!
  6. Wow, we really got sniped by New Orleans there. I think we need to be prepared for this same situation where the dream CBs are gone by our pick on draft day too. It sucks to have let free agency go by without addressing a wingman for Alexander, but here we are. This scenario lends itself for a potential trade-back, but for our purposes we're going to address a newly vulnerable spot on this defense. The GB Packers are selecting Christian Barmore, DT from Alabama. We let Montravius Adams walk this offseason and we can't afford to let the defensive line fall apart to where we have a hu
  7. This is the perfect moment for the Packers to trade up and draft Kellen Mond.
  8. If only there were a bunch of Giants fanatics on here to take this next pick....
  9. 1 Jacksonville: Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson (Boudewijn)2 NY Jets: Zack Wilson, QB, BYU (smeeze)3 SF (from Houston): Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State (jumper)4 Atlanta: Trey Lance, QB, ND State (mocha4313)5 Cincinnati: Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon (ajs723)6 MIA (from Philadelphia): Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida (fachowski)7 Detroit: Ja'Marr Chase, WR, LSU (thebadferret)8 Carolina: Devonta Smith, WR Alabama - The Panthers need help on defense badly and could really use the upgrade that Parsons, Horn, or Surtain would give them, but Smith is the best player on the board at this
  10. I think the only players I'd rather have than Jones at this point are probably CMC, Cook, and Henry. We don't know how Kamara is going to look without Brees and based on the sample we got last year it might not be worth picking him ahead of Dimes. I'm hoping for the 4 pick this year because I'll likely have my choice of Jones and Barkley - that'll be a tough call.
  11. From an ownership perspective, yes, but outcome doesn't happen without a coach or GM sacrifice, likely both. If Arizona didn't love Keim and sign him to a four-year extension right before the Rosen pick I don't know if he would have survived that debacle.
  12. Haha, I noticed that after I had already reached my edit limit. I also meant to specify the Giants "oline" rather than just Giants at the end of paragraph three.
  13. In a 12-teamer I probably am (Gulp), but I admittedly love flashy upside for better or worse
  14. I'd draft him ahead of everyone except the big 3, because I think he could be a Marques Colston type - basically a wide receiver with TE eligibility. A team is most likely going to draft him in the top 10 and need/want instant return on his incredible receiving ability rather than limiting based on what he can or can't do as a traditional tight end. Colston went 70/1000/8 as a rookie. I think Pitts could do that as well on top of having better red-zone ability than Colston. I think his rookie potential should be viewed closer to Colston, Julio, AJ Green, Mike Evans than to your avera
  15. Yeah, I might torpedo my whole draft, but I'm going to overspend on PItts big time. (this is not my usual sarcasm, I'm actually going to go all in on Pitts).
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