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  1. I don’t know if I would have started McKinstry over Solak or A. Garcia anyway today, but it would have been nice to have the option. LA couldn’t get the lineup for the 4:10 start out before Texas first pitch at 2:35 though. If I was in a bigger money league this would steer me away from dodgers players tbh.
  2. There should be a rule about MLB teams posting lineups . The dodgers are absolutely ridiculous with this. I shouldn’t have to choose to start a guy who plays at 1pm because the dodgers are too full of themselves to post their starting lineup and I don’t know if my guy is gonna be in it . With all the DFS games and gambling they should absolutely have to post their lineup a minimum of 3 hours before game time.
  3. Big call by Brock in one of the other threads a few weeks ago on this guy. They still have Chris Taylor but Bellinger having a fracture is big news for this guy.
  4. 0 for his last 17 with a bunch of strikeouts.
  5. Oh I've already got him, unfortunately I had Eloy so I have every fat White Sox player on the roster. I also have Yoenis Cespedes on my scout team I don't know how it came to this...
  6. [...] I'm looking for 8-8 although I'm more interested in how long it is going to take him to play 5 games at C , if he ever does...Anyone know how much C he played in spring? Would be a great question for the official Yermin thread but alas....
  7. If you want push alerts you can make a Twitter and follow the local beat writers . I’m sure there are also Twitter accounts devoted to breaking fantasy news, prospect call ups etc. I just don’t know any of them by name at this time .
  8. Can you elaborate on what signs point to him playing OF? I know Lopez got sent down but I thought that would open a spot for Isbel to play OF.
  9. They could bring Edwin back too lol.
  10. Maikel looks like the everyday 3B for what should be an underrated offense in Baltimore. Short porch in left field and lineup protection, I like him with a late pick in the draft for some cheap dingers and a sleeper 3B for your fantasy team.
  11. I like this guy debuting this year. I don't even know who plays C for the Orioles. They called up Mountcastle last year and he was one of their best hitters down the stretch. Hopefully Austin Hays plays well too and it's a full on youth movement for Baltimore.
  12. In what sense is Washington a better park? Like better concessions?
  13. He has never played a full season in the majors before . He is 23 (supposedly) and has already had arthroscopic knee surgery on both of his knees. It’s already pretty clear he won’t be playing the outfield because of this . Last year his knees were a major issue if you were paying attention as he missed a large amount of time at the beginning of the year and when he finally returned he lasted less than a week before being completely shut down. He’s probably a conservative 250 pounds with limited mobility. Are those rational enough for you? The problem is ultra sensitivity
  14. So my comment about him having 50 year old knees was a little tongue in cheek. That being said when an article starts calculating that he will only have to run as many feet as it takes to get around the bases so we need not worry I’d say that’s a bad sign. I love the guy at his baseline , he was a big part of my fantasy championship in 2019 . That being said I don’t think he looked good in the video of him running 2 months ago, and last year when he debuted and hit a homer only to be shut down a day or two later for the season it was obvious something was sketchy. I was just answering homeboys
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