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  1. Aaron Jones had 38 carriers in the RZ this season, 13th most in the league. Lamar had 30 carriers in the RZ, 19th in the league. Dobbins is 29th on the list with 25 and Edwards also had 25. My point is Dobbins will always have less opportunities then other feature backs simply because his QB eats there to.
  2. Yes it is different... Dobbins losses a lot of the prime carriers to LJ in red zone. You can't say the same for other high end RB's that have traditional QBs. It's not like Balt only runs in the RZ, they still have to balance pass and run.
  3. His ceiling will always be capped with Lamar as the QB and vulturing TDs.
  4. Definitely more then 0% chance. This team has a ton of holes and little assets.
  5. D wat with Kyle Shanahan and Kittle and Aiyuk and Deebo would be literally perfect
  6. We will have to see how this offseason shakes out but he has potential to be the leading scoring RB. There are only a handful of backs you can say that about.
  7. I am in the same boat as you except I am down one point. Here is to us 🍀
  8. League 1: Had Wilson and Mostert last week, dropped Wilson right before the Dallas game to get a defense in preparation for championship. Come waivers this week and my opponent needs a waiver RB for his RB2. Waivers wont allow me to get Wilson since I need to let him clear because I dropped him. I get Pollard to block my opponent. He gets Ahmed. Wilson clears waivers.... I contemplate all day using my final transaction for the season on Wilson (we have a limit of moves to make per week and per season) keep in mind at this point it's still up in the air on who the Dolphins RB will be, who the C
  9. Where does Taylor go next year in redraft leagues? 1st round?
  10. If the argument is “Kittle is all they have” it kinda proves the point Kittle is better as defenses don’t have other weapons to worry about. If we are talking “fantasy” then Kelce is be more productive simply because of QB play and scheme. If we are taking real football the primary argument to make for Kelce is Kittles health. Because when they are both on the field Kittle does so much outside of stats to help his team win. Kittle is more of a game breaker and is elite among elites as far as blocking. The Niners build an entire running game around Kittle and Juice’s blocking.
  11. Man 20 seconds is not a lot of time. It’s crazy the Raiders secondary gave up that play, the penalty was so critical. I’m not a Gruden or fan of the Raiders at all so I will never defend them. But that was one hell of a way to loose a game.
  12. He’s the best TE in football. He will prove it next season.
  13. Peterson has been so bad this year. Any team would lick their chops at him playing man to man and shadowing their best WR. Dude has been taken behind the barn all season.
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