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  1. If all you care about is %s then middleton will be better, but FVV still gets it on the defensive end every night and at an elite lvl to make up for that. Middleton as good as he is isnt doing that kind of defensive volume on a nightly basis
  2. Exactly. FVV is a top 25 player and if you punt FG% top 15. Middleton ceiling is top 30 imo.
  3. It was a sign and trade deal with trevor ariza?
  4. Not at all, itd be one thing if Wood wasnt doing anything while he was on the court. They literally traded for this guy, you dont just say hey we are limiting your minutes right after people said he was the next all star of the season
  5. Well youre getting 2 massive differences in categories so not sure how these compare, but sure Ill have the center who is dominating the league over the super team Congrats bold take
  6. Curry is missing because he has to control the offense and sets that run through him and thats gassing him defensively. Oubre shouldnt be missing layups, but its clear without Draymond this team could possibly be one of the worst in the league
  7. Took double OT to get it, next game will give us a better indication how he will perform
  8. Im suggesting top 30 is his ceiling if this kind of production is what he averages. However when striking gold some fantasy managers like to value him as a top 5 player which he is not. Im not saying he isnt a rising talent, but lets limit our expectations. Devin booker is in a slump right now, do you trade sexton for booker? How about Vanvleet given the same volume shooting with more defense on vanvleets end. Every piece should be moveable, especially on a night like this
  9. I actually dont own any shares of him, and I never said he wouldnt better than what he is last year. He isnt a 2nd rd guy, id value him somewhere where Oladipo will fall, maybe a little higher. Top 30 maybe?
  10. I agree he could, but even in college he was not this good at defending, and when Garland comes back his usage wont be this high
  11. Sell high after tonight we know what kind of player he is, and tonight isnt going to repeat
  12. The warriors and the nets are two different teams. Warriors play selfless, I dont think Kyrie can and thats eveident in his days in Boston and at the end of CLE. Durant will still be high FG% and FT% but those high assist games are long gone. Its capped the upside of these guys on a game to game basis
  13. Its not even that, its the quality of shots, his effort, the whole Collins Trae Drama. He isnt missing this amount of FTs in a night just because of some drama in the locker room. The injury is affecting his play for sure
  14. Except this is what people said when Kobe Nash and Dwight were together, same with Wade Bron and Bosh. We are looking at a back end 1st rd guy who was avg the best 2 seasons of fantasy production in history. If there is a top 6 guy you can grab for him id do it in a heartbeat
  15. Think we are going to rarely see those types of games. This is not a good thing for any of the big 3 for their fantasy production
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