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  1. By "this week" i was unconsciously thinking already "next week", that starts tomorrow. My argument was based on the fact that it's likely Batum will miss it. Anyway, you'll play the winner of #3 vs #6
  2. But there won't be a final if you lose this week. Kidding aside, it all depends by the format, the opponent strenght and the schedule for the week. If you think you can win this week matchup with one player less then it makes sense to hold on to him and see if he returns. But if you predict already a tough matchup that will be decided by maybe a few points, rebs etc it's really tough to play with him on the roster.
  3. MRI results revealed chronic tendinitis with left Achilles of Charlotte Hornets forward Nic Batum, league sources tell ESPN. He will miss game against Philadelphia on Monday and return will be based on how he responds to treatment. Source: Woj Doesn't sound like a good news, especially with Charlotte pretty much out of playoff contention. Sadly i think i'm going to drop him tonight.
  4. I know, but the guy was playing 20+ minutes even with Payton still on the roster.
  5. Ok, i'm officially on the DJ train in my 14-team league.
  6. Booker did not practice and said he's very sore. I'd be shocked if he plays Tuesday against the Lakers. Booker: "Right now I couldn't physically play if I tried to." https://twitter.com/sbordow Rotoworld was talking about hip flexor injury, and it is the same injury that occurred to Chriss and then Gordon. If that's the case i wouldn't be shocked if doesn't return before the ASG
  7. Updating a previous report, there is currently no MRI scheduled for Tyler Johnson (ankle). The Heat want to wait and see how he feels tomorrow morning before going through with the MRI, but the fact that they're even waiting to make that decision is a very positive sign. While he grabbed at his knee after the injury, after being examined in the locker room they determined he's dealing with a sprained left ankle, so it seems like he's avoided a serious injury. For now, we'll consider him questionable for Wednesday's game against the Bucks. Source: Tom D'Angelo on Twit
  8. They didn't even answered the phone probably.
  9. In theory Len was supposed to sit on Saturday, considering Monroe and Chandler got a DNP-CD the two games before that one. That was the game where the "pattern" changed. When i saw he played on Saturday (and he played well) i was pretty sure he was going to play tonight too. It looks like Triano finally figured out that he has to play him every given night.
  10. He's an all-around player, he's not going to put up 20 points every game but he's going to help almost in every category. So i'm perfectly fine with this kind of line, that's what i wanted when i drafted him. Of course i didn't hate the stats from Saturday too....two good games in a row, no minutes restrictions and he's playing without the sleeve since the game he missed early last week. Let's hope for the best.
  11. He's in. First center off the bench for the fourth time in a row. (for now) Thank you for listening, Jay.
  12. It's very simple, Jay Triano, please listen: Len plays every game without any DNP-CD and you just sit Tyson Chandler. Or, if you don't want disrespect a good veteran player, just rotate him and Monroe.
  13. Tonight was supposed to be his rest night, considering Monroe and Chandler already did rest this week and how Triano managed his three centers rotation for the last month. But right now he's on court, the first big off the bench ahead of Monroe. Maybe a good sign, he proved that he can be useful even in 15/20 minutes, i would love to have him active every game, without any DNP.
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