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  1. I guess Portland didn't get the memo last year? If you have no other options, you could do worse than Whiteside as an interior defender.
  2. What would the reasoning be for a buyout? Especially as they’re planning on moving bjelica. Whiteside doesn’t cost anything and they can just sit him there as emergency depth if injuries h Player being unhappy? Whiteside could be somewhat valuable for a contender, not for a rebuilding team. It's not like they play Whiteside when Bagley or Holmes sit anyway.
  3. Good question! TL; DR: While there are no guarantees that he won't be injured, the probabilities of a non-injury shutdown look pretty damn low. Long version: Let's do a little math. Rules say bottom 3 teams have equal chances at getting a top-3 pick. After this, probabilities start (gradually) decreasing. Currently, these are the teams at the bottom of the standings, roughly halfway through the regular season: Cavs (14-22) 0.389 Magic (13-23) 0.361 Rockets (11-23) 0.324 Pistons (10-25) 0.286 Twolves (7-29) 0.194 Now, let's be conservative and say t
  4. Too lazy to read it all, but these are the kind of posts that put a smile on my Anyway nice one, thx
  5. He hasn't even had a monster game yet. So far we've only seen typical KAT lines. Still waiting on that.
  6. It would be better to move this into the assistant forum regardless, as it is diving too much into that territory. You can also use the user polls section at bbm for asking multiple-choice questions. I usually get quick replies there. Good luck.
  7. Mitchell never had a top-40 finish before, so I'd say per-game basis Porzingis >> Mitchell. I would expect at least 20/8 with 2 blocks with 45%fg and 80%ft ros, which should be top-30.
  8. He's coming back from an injury. Carlisle was referring to his minute restrictions first game back. Relax 🙂
  9. They got 10 games, not 9. Not ideal, but not horrible either.
  10. Good choice! KAT > Bam and FVV > Trae (this year).
  11. I agree, it's not much. But he should be getting traded soon, so we'll find out. I think he can be somewhat useful on Lakers though. AD is out/won't be playing C till playoffs, Gasol is old and Harrell has 0 interior presence.
  12. I think most people do realise Whiteside is not a defensive stud. He's a stat chaser, we all know it. FWIW it appears there are teams interested in him, and he's still an NBA player. Fantasy-wise, I don't have another guy on my waiver wire who *under the right conditions* could return 1st round value for a prolonged period of time. Neither 2nd, 3rd or even 4th round potential even with multiple injuries opening up opportunities on their respective teams. That is massive, massive fantasy upside, and even a fraction of that happening in a remote scenario is worth holding for if you can affo
  13. Sky's the limit for this guy now. Here's hoping that he can stay healthy for the rest of the season.
  14. That's amazing value. I don't think many would be able to get as much.
  15. Love this dude. He's killing it night after night. No drama. Well deserved all-star starter.
  16. Presumably they'll trade him. I think it is worth waiting for a few days to see if he gets traded to Brooklyn.
  17. Yup. It is 40.17% to be precise. If you finish 5th (which I'm sure Minny would not even reach even if D'lo and KAT both played every game in the competitive Western conference), the chances would be 31.6%. The difference is only 8.5%, it's not like you have a guaranteed top 3 pick if you happen to finish dead last. Post-2019 the odds changed significantly. I guess you might as well claim Harrison Barnes is a better fantasy player than KAT. If at the end of the season KAT is injured and Barnes isn't, you can come back and say "I told you so" lol
  18. Sounds like you think they should just bench Nurk and CJ for Kanter and GTJ lol Blazers aren't winning the chip with Enes and they know it. They need to mesh their ideal 5 together before the playoffs or they're toast. Chemistry is important and they won't magically achieve that by injecting Nurkic into the starting lineup just before the playoffs. But I also I think (and hope) GTJ will have a steady, sizeable role even when CJ is back.
  19. Amazing first half. 22 pts, 4 threes, 2 steals, and he's made it hard for Curry to score whenever he guarded him.
  20. It depends whether Holmes is back for the weekend. If he plays on 1 day instead of 2, those numbers should be achievable (maybe not the blocks).
  21. This is a totally reasonable take. It does pose a minor risk, you gotta take that into account when trading KAT for Kawhi/Steph/Lillard for example. What I'm saying is that imo this is a small consideration when weighed against other factors (injury history, playoff schedule, B2B limitations, active rest days like KD). Yet people make a big fuss about it as if it's no.1 risk factor.
  22. Shutdown risk is just an irrational fear that is completely overblown every year, causing certain players to get valued a round or two under their actual value (Vooch is a prime example). In reality it rarely turns into reality. You won't find any logic no matter how deep you go lol
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