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  1. I’m just finding it hard to believe that all 4 backs will be active on game day, someone has got to be a healthy scratch
  2. Mooney, I can see Chicago letting arob walk. D Harris. white and burkhead will most likely be gone but I can see NE digging in the bargain bin of FA rbs and messing it up for Harris
  3. You obviously didn’t watch a Steelers game last year. There were multiple times a game that JuJu was open but Rudolph decided to dink and dunk instead. Rudolph literally threw it to his rbs the entire game and JuJu played decoy for dionte Johnson. Rudolph actually got JuJu killed over the middle and he was never the same after. Rudolph and Hodges both played scared. Steelers went to a ball control approach once Big Ben went down. Im not sure you can be an elite wr in this league without volume.
  4. It’s looking like Tampa is going all in this season, I think he’d be a perfect fit in that offense and a much better pass protector than RJ. I’d find it very difficult to believe that the bucs will be happy with Jones and a rookie picking up blitzes for their 40+ yr old qb. A 3rd round pick would be a small price to pay, especially if your going all in this year. They just gave up a 4th rd for Gronkowski who they probably won’t get more than a year out of.Ifeel like the Rb is a much more important piece than a TE right now
  5. Would love to see Tampa, gotta believe Hunt can be had for cheaper than Melvin G even with a 2nd pick included. Tampa will need a good pass protector on the field at all times. Ultimately I think he’s stuck in Cleveland,rbs are a dime a dozen nowadays
  6. I thought I read somewhere that they were one of the teams interested in Rivers. That would indicate to me that there is an outside chance Haskins won’t be the one throwing Mclaurin the ball this year. If they sign a guy like rivers then the sky is the limit for terry’s potential
  7. Me too, I just don’t know what to expect from the new coaching staff or qb play. If he was playing with Mahomes or Rodgers I’d say my projections are very conservative, Haskins doesn’t exactly make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside
  8. I love the talent , if Haskins can take a step forward we should see nice numbers. 1100/8
  9. Football is all about momentum, the Andrews int right at the beginning was very catchable and I would not put that on Lamar , really changed everything. If the Ravens score a Td on that drive we might be talking about a whole different outcome. The Ravens were their own worst enemy, they rarely failed on 4th downs during the season and I think they may have gone to the well one to many times . I believe running play action would have been a better choice in those situations. That said , the Ravens should return all 11 on offense including Greg Roman and company. I think they should bri
  10. I think he will be great as long as Roman calls the play
  11. I have both Chubb and Hunt as potential keepers and I hope I’m wrong too. I think obj is gone next year and the browns are gonna have a bunch of money. The offense looks a lot better with Hunt in it and the browns know it. I’d say the only way he’s playing for someone else next year is if someone overpays for him. The current landscape of the rb position gets me doubting any team will over pay a rb, especially with the roi on contracts like Gurley, DJ and bell to name a few
  12. At this point I can see the browns using a first rd tender on Hunt making him their investment as well
  13. 4.149 million was the first rd tender in 2018, it could be more with a salary cap increase. I think the Browns would be idiots to not invest that money somewhere else next season. I could see them doing a possible 2nd rd or a original rd tender for him but I could actually see someone prying him away at that point especially if he finishes strong this year
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