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  1. its true in every way .. i’m a huge laker fan and i started sweating when lebron went to the line. typical.
  2. what’s funny is you actually thought you had me there.. but the truth always rises to the surface.
  3. being a beta has nothing to do with size smfh, it’s what’s between the ears. be honest, did you just learn this today?
  4. dont give me that bs, lebron, with a superteam, lost to a much worse dallas squad 100% because of him, and to the spurs when they only had one all-star. you put an assassin on those teams, and the heat are winning 4/4, not 2/4 like lebron. this is also isnt a pickup game, its the team he’s supposed to develop chemistry with that he’s going to be going to battle with for the next 4 years.. simply put, he proved where his allegiance was.
  5. he’s definitely improved in that department over the course of his career, but we all know he’s not seeing players like mj and kobe in the clutch.
  6. has this not been the knock on him his entire career though? his lack of killer mentality..you keyboard warriors acting like this is some insane take that we never heard that came outa nowhere are something else. either a casual fan who hasn’t been following his career or just another lebron fanboy.
  7. how is that funny? the only thing laughable here is that you fall for espn’s agenda and truly believe that a guy whos 3/9 in the finals while playing on superteams in the eastern conference is “the 2nd greatest player ever”.
  8. yea but who was the go to guy when it mattered? who hit all the big shots? lebron stuffs the stat sheet throughout the game, but he always needs that 1 guy u can throw the ball to and depend on to get you a basket.
  9. he didnt take the “neutral ground”, he went over to console chris paul instead of checking on his teammates, as if their friendship was his primary concern its absolutely beta mentality .. imagine mj or kobe putting their friendship with other players above the team. you can’t, cuz they were assassins. lebron is the opposite, which is why he has 3 titles in 9 trips to the finals. with his body and athletic ability, he shoulda been the hands down GOAT.
  10. he does have 1 foot out the door and he’s not invested in his teammates....that’s why his individual stats will suffer he figures he’ll still score and get the record, but the peripheral stats will surely suffer, as his heart is not 100% set on winning .. if it was, he would not have signed with the lakers. i do think lakers can contend though, but its going to take an alpha scorer to sign with the team in order for them to do so.. sorta like when he had kyrie
  11. look at this guy trying to join the party, saying absolutely nothing, yet desperately yearning to fit in. how cute. stick to the topic at hand or don’t quote me, champ.
  12. thats exactly my point! i agree about mcgee .. he’ll be a major steal all year.
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