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  1. I would hold. If you are looking to trade those two, I think you can get a better return. Thanks for mine!
  2. Nice team and good trade! I would also suggest picking up Bazley.
  3. 12 Man League FG%, FT%, 3PTM, PTS, REB, AST, ST, BLK, TO Got 2 IR spots, who do I drop? Warren, WCJ or Nurkic
  4. Bump Update - dropped Nunn for Nance Jr. Should I also drop Payton for Garland or Keldon Johnson?
  5. I think I would stay put. KP injuries worry me and don't want to pass up potential break out from Herro or steady Freddy...
  6. Maybe try to move Drummond and see what you get for him. I usually look at what pick I get the players at and trade for someone close to that pick. Overall your team should be more than fine but I think you lack assists way more than 3s..
  7. Love your team, hopefully Oladipo will be his old self. Love the towns + Collins duo. Maybe try to get higher upside on your bench but overall very good! Thanks for mine!
  8. a little week on PG/SG. I would shop around for another PG/SG. Overall Forwards and Cs are very good.
  9. Well rounded team, I like. I agree with KingPushaa and grab J Richardson. He will give more cats over RJ. Thanks for mine!
  10. Pick up Bryant right away...and i agree with fabrar. Look to trade one of those guys and your team would be so much better..
  11. Thanks bro! Fantasy pro has me ranked 7th in my league... hopefully not true haha
  12. Very balanced team. I would shop Capella and see what kind of return you can get.
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