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  1. You can offer it but I doubt you will get Jokic with Drummond by a long long mile....
  2. Just sit tight! Chriss has more upside then all of these COMBINED! Also depending your spot in the league. I have Chriss in one of my league and I made it to playoff so I will hold onto him until then.
  3. If it’s standard league then it’s a no brainer. DD league make things a bit closer but I would still take it. I think the other guy is trying to “buy high” on PG13.
  4. Do it, especially if you league count TOs, Booker's TOs is killing me now......
  5. Same here, glad I gave him one more chance. And he is going to help me win stl this week!
  6. Beasting, that is what I am expecting from a second round pick. Now please go practice your FT, its not that hard man!
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