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  1. Here we go again. After being the focal point of the offense for 2 games he is being neglected again. Thibs has no control over this offense.
  2. Seriously never seen a guy injury both glutes within the span of a month. What a waste of a pick
  3. Really liking these stocks. Maybe last game was the kick in the a** he needed.
  4. I wonder if KAT is one of those players that becomes more engaged in defense when he is more involved on offense. I still don't like this Thibs offense tho. Way too much iso play and lack of movement means this team will never be great.
  5. I don't really get this because he is being vastly underutilized on this team. Everyone drafted him to build on his performance last year, not take two steps back. He is ranked 49 over the last 2 weeks so it's not just a single game issue. I actually have Boogie as well and he can straight out win you matchups like what he did last night.
  6. Read my previous post on page 9. Speculation he was frozen out by Butler to send a message about his lack of effort on defense.
  7. After perusing the Wolves forums and game thread it seems like Butler and Taj got super pissed at Towns in the Clippers game for the lack of defensive effort. They may have intentionally frozen out Towns on offense in this game to teach him a lesson. Also speculation is that Towns is not listening to Thibs on defensive assignments. I def think some of the blame has to go to Towns. Nobody that wants to be one of the top 10 players in the league should put in so little effort on defense.
  8. Bad loss is good for KAT owners I think. There should be an inquest and hopefully the reporters get on Thibs.
  9. Embarrassing to be losing to this grizzlies team but it is deserved. Towns with 3 shots to Wiggins 15 lol. What is Thibs doing haha.
  10. A DeAndre Jordan for Wiggins trade would actually make a ton of sense but I doubt it happens. KAT's defense is not good enough to play 5 and protect the rim. He is probably best as a stretch 4 and run high pick and roll.
  11. I just don't understand this offense. They seem to run high pick and roll with Gibson instead of Towns, even though Towns is the much more skilled offensive player. Like if Towns was in Houston, they would run him through high pick and roll every play haha and it would be unstoppable. Still can't believe the Rotoworld staff recommended KAT as the number 1 pick. Ridiculous haha
  12. I would be surprised if they don't look at the trade market for wiggins at the deadline. He is just not a good fit because ideally they need a 3 and D guy next to Towns and Butler. Not someone that just jacks up shots at low efficiency.
  13. No shots in the first quarter. Just not involved in the offense at all. The question isn't whether he is top 10, it is that he is trending down dramatically. But I'm scared to sell low as well.
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