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  1. Damn I drafted Otto Porter and PJ is sitting on the wire in my League. Dont know know how much longer I can resist to swap them...
  2. Any info on Channdler getting a DNP-CD yesterday? Could we see a light at the end of the tunnel here?
  3. Swelling plays a part but it’s also logistics. I doubt that he spent the night in the hospital. An MRI itself takes about 30-45 minutes, but unless the Pacers have an in-house MRI at their facilities (costs up to about 1 Mil $) they get him to the hospital (or radiologist or their team physician) this morning to take the MRI and then it can take about an hour to evaluate the pictures (depending on the severity of the results)
  4. Pacers Press Conference regarding Dipo is said to be scheduled for 1 PM ET today
  5. Didn’t recognize that, but yeah that would be the most fatal form of a quad associated tear. Let’s hope it’s not...
  6. Very hard to say from the replays. It doesn’t look like the classic rotational or hyperextending motion you would expect with a ACL or MCL injury. His leg seems to just give up under him. Dislocated kneecap or a tear of the quad muscle could be possible would be my very wild guess
  7. I‘d scoop him up if you got someone to cut. I feel like he‘s a player who lands on his feet almost every time fantasywise to give you solid production in FG, FT, Reb no matter what his situation is. As said here before: only needs around 20 min to be productive. Also I think a trade is imminent and there are some interesting landigspots of teams that are desperate to make the playoffs (Kings) or contenders (Rockets)
  8. Imagine owning Capela and McGee right now... Good lord I’m ******
  9. Unfortunately the recovery time with bone bruises can vary a lot. The problem with ankle bone bruises is, that there is a significant chance of having a micro or stress fracture causing the bruise. Due to the fact that there is still very limited information about the nature of Covs bone bruise, we could be looking at a recovery time from 3 weeks up to most of the rest of the season I would think. Let’s hope we get some more details soon...
  10. Yeah but everybody who was interested (I guess GMs picking in the draft should have been) must have seen that his game on the biggest stage in europe was perfectly NBA fitted, aside from any stats. Also I think someone at age 18 dominating against full grown pros in europe vs. against college kids shouldn't be underestimated
  11. Passing on Luka at 2 is horrible no matter if you write Bagley off or not. He was no overseas Mistery Man like the Zinger. Everybody saw him win euro MVP at age 18. Hawks and Kings ****** that up big time
  12. I have Osman on my Roster while having McGruder as FA and Danny Green as WA on the Wire... McGruder out of those 3?
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