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  1. Sure he's an NBA coach. They can still be criticised for mismanagement.
  2. Playing them unnecessarily huge minutes means more chances of the player getting injured. That ACL injury to Rose should never have happened. Up 12 with a minute left.. Let's keep the starters on.
  3. Im sure Derrick Rose has something to say about Thibs running him to the ground.
  4. Yeah, I'm getting an erection watching him get these stocks.
  5. He doesnt shoot a lot of volume so you should be fine
  6. I know most of them are back. I was saying it depends in regards to their appeal, on whether they play B2Bs and how limited they will be when they return.
  7. I will never understand how bitchass Tristan Thompson is ahead of this guy
  8. Are you playing in a two team league? Why the f--- were you thinking about dropping him?
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