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  1. Great career. I hope everything pans out for him Who is the pick up here?
  2. Also depends on your other punts in regards to punting TOs. If I punt points and assists for instance, I better be doing well in TOs.
  3. My first place winnings states otherwise. Any team structure can win a league including one where you would want to compete in turnovers.
  4. You're right. Punting points and punting assists tend to go hand in hand. But you can still win a league.
  5. There is no perfect way to draft a team, but i would rather punt categories than be mediocre in every category. If you're winning turnovers, it doesn't mean your team is necessarily ****. If you focus for instance rebounds, steals, blocks and FG%, you can still win your league which I have done multiple times. Usage is great for gaining threes and points, but it is not the only way to win a league.
  6. Pretty terrible statement. If you punt assists you should be competing for turnovers. Most points punt teams should as well.
  7. I just want to shout out @PascalSiakam for trading KAT for Bam
  8. He was never known as a good shooter. 6 3pa is still a decent amount.
  9. KPJ will be way better than D Wright going forward. D Wright is behind Haliburton, Hield and Fox
  10. My point was that you don't have Noel on your team for his points. If you're relying on his points, then that's an issue.
  11. If you're drafting him for points then that's your problem.
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