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  1. In 0 PPR I need Robbie Anderson to outscore Sony Michel. tied at 71 a piece. Who thinks I have a chance?
  2. It’s all good man we all make mistakes when we have our chillens in our ear. but on the point, I believe KC realizes this discrepancy. Evidence would show they won’t run because they haven’t lately, but if you take that evidence and extrapolate the Coach’s reaction, the logical conclusion would be that they will increase the run game. obviously just my personal gamble here, I take risks a lot.
  3. my Start of the week. You guys remember how bad Denver was against Fournette? Jacobs? The Bears rush attack? They locked down the Chargers and the Titans, but I think they are still the same team that had trouble against average rushing attacks. KC knows they are getting destroyed in ToP they will run more this week.
  4. If that’s a serious football question, the answer is a. They try, b. They can succeed for a half or so, c. The Patriots’ head coach is good enough to win a Thursday Night game in four days rest with a third string QB 27-0. He is super prepared for the game plan you just described. Also, only eleven players on the field, how many are you committing to stopping the run in your scenario? At least five, right? How many to Edelman? Triple teamed, right? That leaves 3 players in single coverage.
  5. I’d rather get my analysis from you oban, that dude berry is so dull
  6. Never surprised by the overreaction. Am I talking about people loving Darnold? nope, talking about rubes who think Jets are “garbage” because they’re thin at backup QB. When Mosley comes back the Jets are officially a rogue playoff contender
  7. Wow first week of the year that a ton of players were eliminated from Survivor
  8. I can’t use Ravens, Patriots, Cowboys, Chargers, Eagles. My pick in both my survivor pools is Washington.
  9. We have only seen the Jets play the Bills. This could be a very solid offense from here in. also, after Dallas the schedule is the best
  10. There is a higher statistical probability that he will get the tipped pass when he is one of two capable pass catchers on the pitch
  11. I’m picking him up where I can. I stream QBs, and I dropped Andy Dalton for him
  12. Gase always schemes for slot receivers. With a bye week to plan, I’m sure Gase gets back to his roots and gives Crowder 15 targets against this Eagles secondary.
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