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  1. I could see it, but they'd have to be getting BLOWN out. I watch every GB game, and GB very rarely gets blown out with Rodgers in (unless they play ATL away ) so I don't anticipate a complete shellacking, but yes it's possible, I suppose. For all of McCarthy's shortcomings, I gotta hand it to him in that the guy never gives up, so I'm just not seeing a blowout of that proportion. Again, just my take. There's risk here, but the upside with Rodgers is unmatched as well.
  2. GB made Kizer look like an MVP candidate for three quarters. Newton should have a good time with them.
  3. Wouldn't risk him AT Seattle. Their defense tends to play well at home, even if they are banged up. Again, it's personal preference, but every time Rodgers is out there, he's giving you a top 8 QB game with a pretty decent likelihood of a top 3 QB performance, regardless of opponent.
  4. Doubt they concede defeat easily knowing how many miraculous comebacks Rodgers has provided them. They can always rest him the next 2 weeks if they lose. I would not bench him unless your other options include Roethlisberger, Brady, Wilson, Rivers, or maybe Newton this week. Who are your options?
  5. Yes, but, the teams they need to lose all have difficult schedules and play each other, which will cannibalize their record. According to this odds predictor from the NY Times, if the Packers win out, they stand a 94% chance of making the playoffs.... I like those odds. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/upshot/green-bay-packers-nfl-playoff-picture.html#car-gb-15=loss&gb-min-16=win&det-gb-17=loss
  6. It's a fracture, so the only "reaggravation" that can occur is another break. He has plates and screws in to prevent that from happening although the bone may not be completely healed, meaning a recurrent fracture in that exact location is slightly higher, but he'd have to get hit just right. All the reports are saying he has been throwing without issue. If he's out there, they are playing to win. They won't activate him and handle him with kid gloves in a must win game, especially if they're down at any point. If he's out there, expect protection schemes to keep him upright and cautioning him
  7. It's taken a few weeks, but they've changed the playbook entirely to tailor to Hundley's game. Simpler reads, quick throws, and different protection schemes. Playbook is much more open with Rodgers. Having to watch film on both and prepare for both takes up time that they could be using to do other game planning. Not to mention, the added mental defeat and anxiety of a Rodgers return dropped on gameday, rather than knowing he'll be in all along.
  8. Personal opinion, so take it for what it's worth (not much), but all the reports have been Rodgers has been making "ridiculous throws" and is zinging it around like his old self in practice. Consider me a non-believer for this uncertainty crap. They've been working him in slowly for this stretch for weeks and I think the "we might not wanna risk it" shtick is all smoke and mirrors so the Panthers won't know until gametime if Rodgers is out there and have to gameplan for 2 QBs. He's gonna play this week. Stay woke, folks.
  9. Traded Drake for Ajayi 2 weeks after Ajayi went to the Eagles thinking they'd work him into the lead role and after Drake's garbage game. Playing guy who I made trade to and Drake is going to be the reason I lose.
  10. I will never pick Mike Evans in another fantasy draft as long as I live. Cost me the bye last week and cost me the game this week. Kick rocks, Mike.
  11. I'm getting killed and need a Hail Mary... Who's more likely to get 25 or more. Davis or Fournette in a brutal matchup?
  12. Would easily be Stafford any other week, but idk about his hand injury an OL injuries... What you guys think?
  13. I agree with Howard. He's shown the ability to get big games in the right game script and with a bunch of Bengals injuries, it's more likely he has a good game this week.
  14. I've thought about this all weekend and still am unsure. Who you guys like better... Stafford or McCown this week?
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