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  1. 8 team H2H points league PG - Trae, Devonte graham, Conley, J Murray( on IR) SG - Levert, Ingles, SF - Kawhi, Hayward, MPJ, Issac(on IR) PF - Siakim, Sabonis, Bagley, Paschall C - Towns, Ayton, BAM, Horford, Nurkic(on IR) 16 Roster spots with 3 IR spots. I would like to try and trade for Jrue because I feel he could help me in the guard positions and im pretty strong at C, PF, and SF
  2. I am in a shallow 8-team H2H points Keeper league and I am currently 6-0, about to be 7-0 and was hoping someone could help give their opinion on a long term strategy I have. There are currently 2 teams that can and will give me a run for my money come fantasy playoff time. I have 4 centres, KAT, BAM, Al Horford, and I traded for Ayton. I am weak at Pg/SG/SF and have been thinking about trading Horford for a decent guard, even if i ultimately lose the trade I could get some value for Horford- who is having an amazing year but is an older player and a load management candidate. Someone in my league just put dinwiddie on the block and i was wondering if he would be worth trading for Horford?( I also have Caris Levert taking up one of my IR spots). Another player I might consider that just became available on the trading block is Marcus Morris Sr. That wouldn't help my guard situation but there are decent guards on the wire I have been streaming with. If I make either trade I have an opportunity to grab Nurkic off the wire as my 4th Center and hold him in another IR spot until he returns and hopefully come fantasy playoff time he would be able to out produce Horford. Anybody have any thoughts?
  3. Bertans is balling out. fresh off tying his career high for made 3's, 4 game week starting on tuesday and Wagner has a sprained ankle
  4. Vuc for Ja is a great deal for you but it depends on the makeup of your team. Do you need a center? Do you have a strong enough team to lose Ja and be without Vuc until he returns and are there some decent options on the waiver wire to pick up in the meantime? I Personally would make this trade.
  5. 8 team H2H Points league. I need to bench 1 player, should i bench Teague, Paschall, or Horford?
  6. Keep in mind ingram's usage drops when zion is back as well as Barnes when Bagley is back
  7. I have the same fear. try not to even have 2 if i can avoid it to get the most games possible
  8. I am in a shallow 8 team H2H points league. I am currently 4-0 and I have KAT, BAM, Horford, and I just traded for Ayton because i am soon going to be 5-0 and i thought I could hold out until his suspension is over. But now somebody just dropped Vuc after his injury last night.( If i had known Vuc would soon be on the wire i might not have traded for Ayton). Wondering if I should still grab Vuc? Would it be worth dropping Al horford or Bam and being down 2 Centers? side note: Nurkic is also available and on the wire, we have 3 IR spots and i currently have Caris levert and Gordon Hayward taking up 2 spots. any help is much appreciated and WHIR
  9. Im not super familiar with all the types of leagues. but we get points for all the counting categorys and we dont lose for missed fgs. I am a little bit heavy on C's and forwards and im just scared ill be missing SGA on my roster. not to doubt your opinion but im really nervous to pull the trigger.
  10. 8-team H2H Points His Ayton for my SGA and OG Anunoby. I am currently 4-0 and i think I can hold out until Ayton is back but is Ayton worth giving up OG and one of my favorite high upside players in SGA?
  11. Didn't mean to put Kawhi trade in the title. not sure what happened
  12. theres a guy in my 8 team H2H points league that is interested in My Pascal Siakim. I don't think I want to give him up but he asked if there is anyone on his team I like and I am always looking to improve, even though i am quite content with my team. This is his team: Harden, Lou williams, Ja Morant, RJ Barret, Jimmy butler, Dario Saric, Whiteside, D hunter, Draymond, D Garland, D howard, Rubio, Ayton, oubre, B clarke, and Carmelo. My team: KAT, Siakim, Kawhi, Trae, OG, Adebayo, D Graham, Teague, J murray, Al Horford, Sabonis, SGA, J issac, Paschall, and i've been using my last 2 spots to stream. currently Holmes and Smart. Does anybody see any potential trades i could try to improve my team? Help is much appreciated.
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