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  1. I just booked Nancy boi a one way ticket to drop city. Didn’t have time to pack his bags or nothing. I just placed the ticket in his hand and sent him out the door. Didn’t even walk him to the gate or anything. Idk why he thought he could get away with this BS on MY squad. Smh.
  2. Who in the Jaylen Brown Norman Powell is this fella?
  3. It’s ironic cus I got both and have been trying to see if they’re both coming back hehe
  4. Yeah I’d try it if you can. This dude is a**
  5. He’s been playing against dudes way older than him since he was 11. I can’t wait to see what a 25-28 year old Lamelo can do. He will be something special.
  6. “Dennis smith jr stay solid my n****” - J. Cole
  7. I got my Randle by trading westbrook and j Allen for randle and Ayton. I may have lost the trade now that j allen is free but owning randle is so much fun. ESPN has him as the second ranked PF and there’s barely anyone good at that position on waivers this year.
  8. Lord Covington, father of stocks, forgive us our trespasses and doubts. And we will forgive those who trespassed against you. Holy Robert, father of being rage dropped, we will never drop you again. Now and forever.
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