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  1. I cruised in first all year only to lose the Don, Trae, Fox, Lamelo, Jonas, KPJ right as playoffs start.
  2. Same boat man. I tinkered for months to prep for the playoffs. Lost fox, lamelo, trae, donovan, and Jonas is just now getting back. I got Larry nance trying to to win my first round playoff matchup. **** sucks.
  3. I need Fox to not get covid and trae young/Donovan Mitchell to not have soy boy ankles
  4. F8304762-7A95-437C-9D7B-B88E52DC7590.webp
  5. Is he drop city with nance and Allen back? Or just hold and see?
  6. I just booked Nancy boi a one way ticket to drop city. Didn’t have time to pack his bags or nothing. I just placed the ticket in his hand and sent him out the door. Didn’t even walk him to the gate or anything. Idk why he thought he could get away with this BS on MY squad. Smh.
  7. Who in the Jaylen Brown Norman Powell is this fella?
  8. It’s ironic cus I got both and have been trying to see if they’re both coming back hehe
  9. Yeah I’d try it if you can. This dude is a**
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