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  1. Right on man. Hopefully both will be back sooner than later.
  2. Dude... the update was on Feb 5th. I dont know what that means other than hes still not ready. I wouldve chosen WCJ over Markk and Bagley all day if it didnt say that. Plus I had TJ Warren on the IR since he missed 3 games and I literally had to pick someone up to put on the IR because I expected TJ to play tonight (which he is). Plus I have KAT, jokic, klove, Gobert, J.allen as my bigs.
  3. Just relaying the message from what I'm seeing. Yahoo also says hes overly optimistic about his return of the 4-6 week timetable & that was 4 days ago. I really didnt know who to choose between him and markk. Also have Bagley on the wire as well. I chose markk because it said he will be playing March 2nd.
  4. Basketballmonster.com says March 2nd for both. They're usually pretty spot on
  5. Had to choose between him or Markannen. Markannen is expected to be play march 2nd while WCJ is expected to be "reevaluated" on the same date.
  6. Ajayji is the only other rb I have available to swap out for DJ. I already had Kenyan drake and have him starting.
  7. My bad, didnt even realize this was the fantasy football ac. Thanks man
  8. Unfortunately my league has gone down to 8 teams with 2 people quitting from a 10 team. I lost Curry so I'm going with what I have. I need help to reestablish a decent team. My team consists of: Westbrook, lavine, kemba, IT2, bogdanovic, Klove, Steven Adam's, McCollum, devon booker, Klove, Horford, whiteside. Then I have dinwiddie and clarke(memphis). What should I do? I've played in 10-12-14 team leagues but it seems like I'm f****ed at this point. Any advice
  9. Yeah just dropped him too. Been holding on to him all season hoping for the best but nope...Hes proved he's trash this season.
  10. Thank you both for putting that to light. Ridiculous in my opinion he doesn't have the tag already. Dipos was done right after noon today. Both Injured on the same day. What intrigues me is yahoo (& other sources) have already clarified hes out 2-3 weeks...
  11. Seriously, no one else wants to vote for that inj tag? Very frustrating. Only 7 more votes fellas if what I'm told is correct.
  12. Not sure about Teague but no way does Kawhi sit after all-star break imo. Raptors need the #1 seed/home-court advantage.
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