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  1. All the usual suspects are gone (GB, LAC, SEA). How does everyone feel about NE? I know their D has looked terrible thus far, but home game against a divisional rival/come out angry/make a statement, etc etc etc? Also, looks like Patrick Chung and Trey Flowers are coming back this week. I feel more comfortable with NE than TEN, ARZ, DET and DAL...
  2. MIA or DAL? Have MIA in my lineup right now, but have a weird feeling the Raiders come out and get their first W this weekend. Seattle O line is terrible and DAL should get plenty of sacks. HELP?!
  3. I have the same dilemma. Leaning Browns at home against a mistake prone rookie QB. Also, Tyrod rarely takes sacks/throws INTs.
  4. Relax. You got your opinion, I got mine. I just feel like defenses are a streamable position every week based on matchup. So, you would 100% play a great Rams D against someone like the Pats vs. Texans playing a Marriota/O-line less Titans? Yea, exactly. If there are position players to stash, I would gladly drop a defense to do a wait & see approach.
  5. never hold more than 1 defense. overthinking it for sure.
  6. got similar dilemma but rolling with DT because of the high volume (or at least that is what's expected)
  7. Thielan due to matchups. AJG will be covered by Slay all day. help?
  8. I hear ya. Thanks for the updates. Stuck with Collins cause Belichick is so unpredictable. Cheers, here's to regrets!
  9. I saw that just now, but also saw that Collins has been announced the starter. I'm on the fenceee
  10. Agree with everything except Doyle. The weather in Baltimore is going to be windy/rainy. I expect BAL D to punish the Colts, could get ugly early. Doyle is safe I guess, for a 5/50 stat line...
  11. Heard Brock is most likely starting if that helps
  12. Woods for sure against that terrible TEN secondary. Tough call on the 2nd wideout, I would lean Wallace because he is the #1 option and has been pretty decent of late. Like you said, Diggs is a dart throw ...
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