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  1. Need to start 2 of 3 RBs: Carlos Hyde vs. Tenn Alex Collins @ Cle Gio Bernard @ Min WHIR!!!!
  2. I think higher floor. Jimmy has the whole team playing well. I'm a niner fan so take it with a grain of salt, but I see Carlos having a good game.
  3. You have good problems on your hands. Think I like Crab, Carlos and Gio but you should be in decent shape whatever you do. Hunt has had bad numbers lately but has proven he could explode...
  4. Ughhhh.. I know Adams has been playing well with Hundley but I still don't like it. Got off to a nice start with Freeman and Michael Thomas too so I'm more concerned with a high floor than ceiling.
  5. What do you guys think?? Diggs v. Carolina Collins v. Pitt Hyde v. Houston D. Adams v. Cleveland Gio v. Chicago Doctson v. Chargers ... or cut somebody for Doug Martin Need to fill a WR, RB and flex with these options.
  6. Ya I'd say your facing a relatively weak lineup. Might be safe to stick with Drake. I think I like Cousins over Winston. Both pretty tough calls. Good luck!
  7. Agree with these guys. Go Leonard if these are your options. Goodwin or Gio available??
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