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  1. In most categories. I think all the big 5 and jokic lillard and lebron will be gone. So there will be some kyrie, kawhi, pg, butler, jrue. My first time in h2h. I wonder if it will be ok to go on Drummond + Gobert for the 2 first picks. Or it will be better to reach on Simmons to pair with Drummond to get the best pg for a %ft and 3p punt ? Or even go for jrue instead reaching Simmons to not lose value and jrue can also fit in a similar build ?
  2. Punt assists in roto 9 cat. Curry Butler O. Porter Ayton Covington Richardson Mirotic Nance LeVert Isaac Mikal Bridges Huerter Kenrich Williams Powell I just traded Butler + Bridges for Capela + Harrell , because I can win a lot of points in fg% and rbds and just lose a few in ft%. Will finish for sure top 4 on 13 players, projected first on bbm.
  3. Im also from the purgatory big 3 owners. Enjoy the ros.
  4. There is a difference because bobby and parker are on expiring contracts. So the wiz most likely will not resign both of them, it looks like a trade just to make some cap. So bryant is the long term plan at the 5 and will logically have time to develop.
  5. Roto 9 cat Veto this trade? Veto? Lowry + Jordan - Mitchell + Gay
  6. Normally sophomores are not eligible for the mip. So fox and collins not in the race.
  7. He could be. But if you stash for a big, I prefer Kornet or Isaac ( If Vuc is trade I think Isaac would gain value), because Fg% and ft% really hurt the value of Bamba even on 30 minutes a game, I Don't see him Inside top 60. So if you Don't punt ft% I think there is better stash for big. Even Jaymich Green, Rabb or Kleber.
  8. Mental or coach problem. He pass when hes totally open on corner 3.
  9. Im done this year. First Curry 11 games, with Butler General soreness, LeVert, then Miro + Porter Jr , then Nance, then Carter Jr, then Ayton. RIP my life.
  10. I pick him 2 days ago and keep him until further news. he's a good stash because you can use him while stashing all the time dsj is not playing.
  11. I got insider update. No bone or ligament damages. Just little skrouitch. Will miss a few games. Maybe they will be cautious and wait until post asb. 100% sure info.
  12. The main problem is that Isaac is a PF. And Orlando makes him play as a SF because of Gordon. That explain why his %fg is so bad. Hes forced to play as a 3&D. Personnaly I stash him until trade deadline with the hope of a Gordon trade that will open the PF spot for him, or even a Vuc trade will allow to play small ball. If no trade for Gordon or Vuc, I will drop.
  13. Dont forget the other scenario of the sign&trade. Which is the best for Vuc & Orlando.
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