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  1. Any love for vonleh? Picked him up to stream but the boards have made me keep him... Seems like he's the only one on the Knicks that will keep his role this season
  2. Anyone worried it might be worse than we thought? A la Denzel Valentine earlier this season. Same type of injury.. season ending surgery
  3. Knock on wood but keep the stocks and threes comin!
  4. Also Josh Hart - who I'm contemplating moving Danny green for
  5. Depends who you're dropping for but I'm holding for the fact that he gets so many minutes and gets force fed shots. He's a good player and the shots will start falling. You don't drop starting small forwards who get 40 mins and 15+ shots. If he's really killing you that much bench him until he gets it going. Examples like this happen every year like J Rich and T Prince last year. I'm holding
  6. 8/11 for 19 pts and 3 blocks with the fourth quarter still left to go... why does he do dis
  8. It’s probably like what the hawks do with their players. When Schroder returned from the knee injury he was listed questionable for like 5 games after that
  9. Second trade! Great value for kemba he's at a bit of a sell high rn. Also Whiteside is a buy low.
  10. I feel like you could make a smaller trade and win bigger. 5-5 trades are pretty rare because once more players are involved the risk gets higher. Better to bet on 3 other players in a 3-3 trade. And if you want depth I think you can swing a trade like a 1-2 (LeBron or aldridge) or 2-3 to get some
  11. Hard decision but I guess I'd do it. Jrich is a certified stud but Lonzo was figuring it out before this recent injury. Dunn as well
  12. I agree with Johnson best upside and at this point in the season it's best to go with those kinds of pickups
  13. I was offered Harrison Barnes and Niko Mirotic for my LA. 10 team 9 cat and I'm in 3rd right now. However I swung some trades that got me Giannis and AD so my depth doesn't look that pretty. In a vacuum value wise is this a good haul for LA?
  14. Jason Kidd coached alot of gambling for steals and that's why Giannis and Middleton and some other guys had inflated steals numbers. Also Henson is playing about 28 mins a night and he's the primary shot blocker for the team He should still be able to hit 1-1.3 in each category by the end of the season just cause of his length
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