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  1. Is it possible to see the roster first and see the other teams in the league? My preference is to join a new dynasty league through Fantrax but I always like Yahoo and the challenge of this league sounds intriguing. my email is eoff1340@pacificu.edu
  2. I may be interested, can you email me what you have. eoff1340@pacificu.edu
  3. I'll take the last spot if it's still open. Email: eoff1340@pacificu.edu
  4. Do you have settings and rules and all that figured out? Might be interested in the Angels. Any chance you could send over some information? Email is eoff1340@pacificu.edu. Thanks.
  5. Are you all filled up? If something opens up please let me know. My email is eoff1340@pacificu.edu.
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