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  1. Signed a 3-year deal with TOR. What do we expect him to achieve in that lineup?
  2. Why? Seems like the consensus expectation is he returns to the level he produced at for multiple seasons before 2020...
  3. Interested to see how his playing time changes with the recent signing of Kim. Can he carry over the success he had last season?
  4. He'll lose C eligibility for next season likely, as he hasn't played a game there all season. Sucks, and brings his value down to maybe Jon Berti levels at best.
  5. I'm thinking 3 +/- 1. I think he'll have a green light when he gets on base, but not sure how many opportunities he's gonna have.
  6. How long can he keep this up? At 33, could we get many more ace seasons out of him?
  7. Starting to throw again... anyone taking any dart throws on him? Trying to choose between him Baz and Hall for my last minors spot
  8. No love for Solak? He's performed at every level
  9. 14 Team 6x6 league, won the league last year and trying to compete again R, RBI, HR, SB, OBP, SLG/QS, K, SV, ERA, WHIP, K9 Keep 8 of these: Lindor, Bellinger, Moncada, J. Turner, Puig, Brantley, Cruz, M. Smith, Verlander, Sale, Soroka, Bauer, Wheeler Keep 7 of these: Luciano, K. Robinson, Gallen, Mercado, Valera, Skubal, India, Larnach, Solak, K. Hayes, 4th overall FYPD pick (Abrams, Dominguez, Vaughn, Adley) Thinking of keeping Lindor, Bellinger, Verlander, Sale, Soroka for sure; My next choices are Bauer, Puig, and Moncada. I'd like to go into the
  10. Looking for a highly competitive league with staying power, highly involved owners, and people that just like to talk baseball? We're heading into the 6th year of our keeper league (8 forever keepers, 7 minor league spots). We emphasize interactivity with an active year round group chat, 2 required short video posts per year, and occasional meetups (optional). We're from all over the US (and Canada). We're also looking to diversify the fandoms of our league members. If you're interested and NOT a fan of the following teams, hit us up! Already represented fandoms (Athletics, Dodgers,
  11. Tired of being in crappy fantasy leagues plagued by inactive and uninterested owners? Want to talk baseball year round with a group of fanatics? Our league, founded in 2015, is a collection of 13 mostly random fans from across the country (and Canada) that focuses on providing an outlet for funny and serious discussions. Members create and post (minimum of 2) videos at various times during the season, participate in our league chat (through Groupme), and attend the yearly video conference “league summit” in the offseason. League Details: Current site: ESPN
  12. 14 Team H2H Cats 6x6 R,RBI,HR,SB,OBP,SLG/QS,K,SV,ERA,WHIP,K/9 Keep 8 Forever, 7 Minor League Spots C - Lucroy 1B - Bellinger 2B - Moncada 3B - Turner SS - Lindor OF - Puig OF - M. Smith OF - Brantley UTIL - Cruz UTIL - T. Anderson SP - Verlander SP - Sale RP - Leclerc RP - Colome P - Bauer P - Musgrove P - K. Gibson P - Keller BE - Cron BE - Gregorius BE - Pillar BE - Anibal Sanchez BE - D. Rodriguez Minors Paddack, Soroka, Gorman, Larnach, Ast
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