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  1. Our Lord in Portland, hallowed by your game. Your 3/3/3 games will come, your worship will be in punt assist squads as it is in the Hall of Stocks. Give us Rest of Season our matchup wins, and forgive those who decide to drop, as we will always put in a maximum WW bid. Lead to our fantasy championship win, for the stocks, rebounds, and 3's are all yours. Amen.
  2. Playing today through a mildly bruised thigh. Where you at people who said Nurk was soft 💪
  3. I like Allen side but it's not a bad trade either way.
  4. Bledsoe is worth holding onto, In most leagues Rose should bounce on/off the wire based on his health
  5. 🙏🙏Thoughts and prayers are with Nurkic and his mildly bruised thigh. Unlucky for such a talented player to get such devastating luck 🙏🙏
  6. why does he look and play like every 2k myplayer i've ever made?
  7. Thank you lord, may all the doubters be smighted!
  8. ESPN please give SG eligibility you numpties
  9. Anunoby is a clear keeper. Fournier doesn't have much dynasty appeal and Griffin is probably not worth keeping. Don't think you can really make a bad decision but I'd go Fournier as the guy you make room for a dynasty piece next year. Maybe you could flip Griffin in a trade for something decent though.
  10. "Packers re-signed RB Tyler Ervin to a one-year, $1,047 million contract." keep an eye out for him. just signed a 1 billion+ contract.
  11. thanks man, second one out of Victor Oladipo? Fred VanVleet? Buddy Hield? Mitchell Robinson? Lord Covington?
  12. thanks dude, yeah was thinking the same
  13. Hey all, Would be very grateful if you could help me out with who you would keep. 6 keepers- dynasty- 9cat. Most definitely will be keeping Giannis KAT Siakam Ayton Deciding who will be the next 2 keepers out of Kevin Durant? Victor Oladipo? Fred VanVleet? Buddy Hield? Mitchell Robinson? Lord Covington?
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