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  1. Covington (ankle) was seen doing some light shooting following Friday's practice, Danny Cunningham of 1500 ESPN Twin Cities reports. Though Covington's jumpers were mainly of the standstill variety, his on-court activity in any capacity is encouraging. The wing has been sidelined since Jan. 2 due to a bruised right ankle and remains without a timeline for a return. The Timberwolves aren't likely to offer much clarity on that front until Covington resumes taking part in 5-on-5, full-contact practices.
  2. If ESPN can't get this guy a headshot 5 weeks into the season there's no way you're getting another position tag.
  3. No thread for Tyus yet. Jimmy Buckets is apparently holding out now and Teague is out with a knee. What's the outlook for Tyus ROS?
  4. This might not be the ideal place for this question but... For leagues with an IR spot how are you guys factoring in guys like Boogie when trying to build a specific team like punt assists, etc?
  5. DSJ and Jaylen just because Lavine could take some of the shine away from Dunn
  6. If you had to go with one over the other... which do you scoop and why? 10 team points league
  7. Just scooped for my 48-team league where I'm punting ejections and building around +/-
  8. Dude gets 35 minutes a night and can hardly put up bench stats. Lamb is on the wire and is about to get a good run without Batum. Drop AB for Lamb?? 12 team points league
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