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  1. Green and Gordon without even having to think about it. Heck, I'm contemplating benching Evans for JuJu, if that tells you anything. He simply can't be trusted. Green should not be benched, and although Gordon is facing a tough Baltimore D, I like him better than Evans at this point.
  2. I'd pick up Tyrod over Flacco, stick with Diggs, and flex Burkhead. I'm not crazy about any back when Beli is involved, but he's at least consistent thanks to his PPR points.
  3. Funchess for me, easy. He's been very consistent lately.
  4. I would definitely go Brees for the same reason given above: the Jets offense is going to be a hot mess. Brees will have plenty of opps.
  5. Gordon for sure, then Jones slightly ahead of Goodwin mostly due to matchups...but it's close.
  6. I would absolutely drop Cadet for Kerwin. No question. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/688472-week-15-flex-evans-or-juju-whir/
  7. 12 team PPR Already starting Michael Thomas and Funchess. Trying to decide between Evans and JuJu for flex. Almost all the experts say Evans (94%, in fact), but my gut says JuJu. Evans is going against a getter D (ATL) than JuJu (NE). Since Winston has returned Evans has posted 5 pts (2 for 33) and 4 pts (2 for 25). In his past 6 games he's posted 2, 0, 14, 13, 5, 4. I know PIT has a lot of weapons, but JuJu seems to have a higher ceiling at the moment, while both have pretty low floors (so, about equal in that regard). To me, all signs point to JuJu...what am I missing? Why 94% of experts picking Evans (including 100% of WR Experts)? WHIR
  8. I'd monitor practice reports for Rodgers...if he's no limited, then I'd roll with him. Dak is a really close second, though, and might be safer.
  9. I'd go Rodgers even coming off injury because Mariota has looked horrible. I'd go Williams at flex. Both Williams and Gordon are facing tough D's, but Williams has been the RB1 in that offense and Gordon is still getting dialed in. (But it's close...)
  10. Riddick and Morris for me...Crowell has been playing better, but not against BAL.
  11. I'd go Perine for sure, but particularly since it's 0.5 PPR. It'd be a little closer between Perine and Goodwin if full PPR, but I'd probably still go Perine.
  12. Definitely Collins. If Burkhead were on another team...but damn, all he has to do is tie his shoelaces the wrong way and he may end up in Beli's doghouse. Too risky.
  13. Reed just landed on IR, ending his season, so that makes that portion a little easier. Would probably roll the dice on Jesse James, since they're at home. None are great options because as you say, beyond the very top it's a dart throw.
  14. I'd go JuJu and Crowder. JuJu is playing at home (where Ben is much better) against a soft pass D. Wash will look to bounce back after last week. Wouldn't touch Woods in SEA coming off injury with a 10 foot pole.
  15. Cook and Funchess for sure. Toss up between Hill and Gordon for the final spot. Hill is facing the stronger D, but they do give up a big play here and there, and Hill is a home run hitter. Gordon is a wildcard. He's shown he's still capable, so the D might pay him more attention this week...
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