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  1. Also take into consideration that I have Thielen, and the worst luck ever in the playoffs... So all TD's are 100% likely to go to anyone but Thielen this week.
  2. I know everyone is saying to start Green, but just a word of caution... I'm guessing Xavier "Rhodes Closed" will be assigned to him all day. He's a beast shutdown corner, even against good receivers. If what you said about the Bengals secondary being banged up is true, then I think Diggs might be a better option. They're also coming off a loss against Carolina, so they may try to make this a statement game at home. I know benching Green is a bold move, but I'm just throwing out some food for thought.
  3. Semi-finals game of the playoffs this week. 12 team half PPR league. Alshon Jeffery @ NYG Adam Thielen vs. CIN Michael Crabtree vs DAL Jordy Nelson @ CAR Jeffery will be playing with Foles who's starting for the first time this year. Thielen is going against the toughest defense against WR's for this group. Crabtree and Oakland's offense just seems sketchy to me, especially when they're not in playoff contention and Dallas IS. Jordy will most likely have Rodgers back, but it's on the road against a tough Carolina team. All feedback/info is appreciated, THANK YOU!
  4. Fitz and crabtree, especially if amari isn't cleared to play.
  5. I would start Brees. Carolina just beat the top team in the NFC when they were at home last week. They'll most likely get the lead and grind clock against Green Bay's crappy defense. When you factor that in with the fact that a lot of Rodgers' throws are based on timing, and that Carolina has a good defense... It doesn't seem worth the risk when Brees could put up just as many, or more points.
  6. Saints, McCown is out and Denver isn't playing for a playoff spot.
  7. I think Detroit is probably the safer play, but Denver probably has a higher ceiling.
  8. Agreed, Collins has been playing like a stud as of late.
  9. I would go Evans and Hopkins. Both are capable of making tough TD catches for redemption if they're lacking in yards.
  10. I hate to make decisions by storyline or whatever, but I think Minnesota will want to make a statement after losing at Carolina. I think they'll destroy Cincy this week, forcing them to pass And create sack/interception potential. Minnesota's offense is also capable of staying on the field longer than Denver's, which is also helpful.
  11. Bortles has been a top 5 qb in the last 4 weeks, and Houston has been terrible against opposing Qb's this year.
  12. Green Bay is one of the worst teams in the league against outside receivers, therefore I think Funchess is a solid play this week. When you combine that with Rodgers coming back on the other side, Carolina may need to pass more rather than just running clock.
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