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  1. I think that the nw rules are going to allow more guys to succeed. Have you watched all of these guys?
  2. That isn't a terrible thing. 2005 gave us Aaron Rodgers and Alex Smith. Plus other guys who have contributed like Derek Anderson, Matt Cassel, and Fitzmagic. There are classes that haven't had a HOFer (rodgers) and dependable starter (smith). I think there's at least one Rodgers in this class, I don't like OSU, but Haskins has it. This class is fine if he and Herbert come out. Unfortunately, there's just a lot of guys in this class who need the right spot.
  3. I like Grier too. I want to see more of him before I decide to invest in him. Right now he's in Mason Rudolph territory. He's a dynasty stash in 2QB. TBH, i have Lauletta in one league.
  4. Ten Months Later, this is what I'm thinking as the season closes down. 1) Dwayne Haskins (Ohio State) [UC] -- decent floor, high upside, not much experience, quick release and good vision, he's learning a lot but seems to be a quick learner 2) Justin Herbert (Oregon) [UC] -- a lot of tape, high risk high reward, athletic, strong arm 3) Daniel Jones (Duke) [UC] -- high floor low ceiling, good coaching pedigree, smart, average to above verge arm strength 4) Drew Lock (Mizzou) [GR] -- strong arm, a lot of tape, decent floor decent ceiling 5) Will Grier (West Virg
  5. They don't have a good pick to grab him with; but Cleveland is my new favorite landing place for Jackson. I think Haley is the perfect OC for him and that a risk adverse QB like Taylor is a great mentor. Two years there would be great; like what the Chiefs did with Smith and Mahomes.
  6. I'll probably cross post this. Los Angeles Chargers seems like an intriguing landing place for Jackson. Wisenhunt has groomed young quarterbacks before. Rivers probably plays two more years.
  7. Was that from one of the combine interviews? I thought he said he hadn't had a chance to call Deshaun Watson back. Regardless, it doesn't concern me at all. If anything his throws at the combine showed me that he is trying too hard. Truly, having an agent would have helped him know how to prepare properly. I'm convinced that he is going to be an amazing QB if he can land behind one of the aging superstars. I'd love to see him in NE or NO. That release and pocket presence is special. McDaniels and Payton are both capable of fixing the mechanics; especially if he is working alongsid
  8. I've heard the Matthew Stafford to Josh Allen comp from a lot of people, particularly from Mel Kiper. Jackson seems like a better comp than Allen. Kiper made an "Allen doesn't throw bubble screens because Jackson plays in a power conference" argument of why Allen is better than Jackson as a prospect; right before comping Allen to Stafford. Who knows if Jackson is an NFL QB. I like his release, his pocket presence, his ability to look off defenders and read coverage, I LOVE his playmaking as a runner, I think he has narrow feet. Wentz had to get fixed in the feet. Jackson has the ar
  9. @JerrBear80 We'll be making changes constantly especially over the next three weeks and then again in a little more than two months. Here is where I am today. I've been convinced that I shouldn't overreact to Washington's height or Ridley's age. RB Saquon Barkley Penn State RB Derrius Guice LSU WR James Washington Oklahoma State WR
  10. We are still really early on and I keep making drastic changes. This is my current order based on who I really want to draft. Someone like Deontay Burnett is inflated because I really want him. This isn't necessarily because I think they are the best. Just my personal priority. I have a different list for overall talent. I tend to go with my gut a lot on drafting. This makes me a happy man sometimes and other times I overpay. Hope it helps give some perspective to value. I like my receivers big or young. 1 RB Saquon Barkley Penn State
  11. I like the concept of drafting Johnson, investing in the O-Line and drafting defense. It wouldn't be a bad idea to draft a guy like Michael Gallup and pick up a cheap vet for depth. This TE group is deep. They should look to add someone on the other side from Kittle; especially if they can block.
  12. Good catch, for some reason I don't even have his school right on this list. TY
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