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  1. What I saw tonight was a guy with growing confidence. He's starting to look like Levert in the 2nd unit, very aggressive going to the basket and a decent finisher.
  2. seems to me any big that can stroke the 3 gets playing time
  3. I think it was matchup based. When drummond was in that pushed love to the 4, and he was murdering justin down low. Also, Oladipo starting to get it together so Holiday's usage dropping
  4. I would also think raps would consider resting guys here and there, especially lowry down the stretch so that may bode well for powell as well
  5. would've been a really nice line if he didn't miss so many free throws
  6. His minutes trending up. Seems like whatever talk he had with Bret Brown has improved his on court decisions on offense
  7. 3-4 games ago he was handling the ball more up top, now he's relegated to running to the corner 3 spot and raise your hand hoping someone finds you. Been bricking a lot of wide open shots too
  8. What do you guys think of him now? Can he keep this up or close to it when Baynes and Ayton are back?
  9. Look on the bright side fellas, at 37% FG he shot better than Doncic 28% and Porzingis 30% . I'd say Clippers defense had something to do with that
  10. Agree with Sparta 100% and would add that THJ also provides the starting lineup with another strong ball handler / playmaker. They've been using him in some pick n roll action as well which should provide relief for Luka. This will be a much bigger problem for teams to deal with than Seth who is much more limited offensively.
  11. Its still early, but what I can tell is he is better than Curry in the starting lineup. Hopefully that gets him ~ 30 min/g. He should be able to something like 2.3/17/3.5/3/1. He shoots well from the line, so as long as he can stay above 43 fg% i think thats decent enough. Also Dallas looks to be pretty high scoring so that should help assist numbers and pts
  12. Seems like he's getting a lot of easier looks with defense's focusing on Porz and Luka. Similar to the houston effect where Tucker and House are always wide open. Will be nice if he can keep his FG% up because of this
  13. Wes shooting 32% from 3point range. Ragu shooting 42%. I think thats going to be a huge factor in whether he starts when middleton returns
  14. These next few weeks without Middleton will be critical for his ROS outlook. He'll have more of an opportunity to handle the ball and needs to show ability to play make off the dribble and knock down 3's consistently. If not he'll be relegated to 3andD when Middleton returns. Im actually hoping he shows flashes of on-ball playmaking so they can use him as first man off the bench for 26~28min off the bench as a primary playmaker along with GHill.
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