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  1. Hey man, I know you're being a nice guy and answering his trade question, but that's not helping the cause. It shows other people that its ok to post trade questions here and other people will answer it.
  2. For a second I thought Jokic had an injury or something. These questions belong in the AC forum. Cmon Cuh #mombamentality
  3. nope that means it'll be a fun rollercoaster ride having him on your team. That is all. #mombomentality
  4. what do you mean man. Ryno is first round value. You clearly have the wrong build
  5. Good job with the spot on prediction. Do you want a cookie? lol jk Point God has been amazing in Houston. How do you think they'll do in the playoffs?
  6. GSW making up injuries as an excuse to rest players during the regular season to keep them fresh for playoffs.
  7. Its a shame he never got a chance to play with TheBlackMama. Wonder how many championships they would have.
  8. Potentially getting him back could be big for ORL but if you google "Fournier" and click images.. well that would be big for everyone.
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