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  1. Falcons is the gamble, Colts is the safe option. I know Jags have been poor on offence but they have the ability to run through teams. So I'd leave it between Colts or Falcons. I'd be leaning towards the safer option of Colts personally. Falcons has the potential big upside though facing a young inexperienced QB.
  2. I'm curious, can a player choose to sit out a season if they don't like who they've been drafted to? Is that a possibility? As a Brit the draft is so confusing!
  3. Patriots Vikings (I'm really hoping not) Patriots to win it all (I'm also really hoping not). This would be my worst case scenario, hence my prediction. I hope I'm wrong!
  4. I was reading this and I was thinking why don't I know any of these players names...
  5. Definitely Mariota at QB. Defence is a really hard one. I'd probably go with Eagles, the reason being, the only chance they have of winning is if the defence wins the game for them. So expect lots of pressure on Ryan from their front 7. If Ryan gets it away however I wouldn't expect too many interceptions from their secondary against Jones/Sanu etc. For the record, I'm an Eagles fan, so I might be giving advice with my heart and not my head...
  6. I won't lie, but I don't really understand dynasty leagues. They sound interesting and something I'd like to get involved in one day. However, for now I'm just here to give really bad advice. Would it not depend on the rest of your team? For example if you have Michael Thomas, Tyreek Hill and Antonio Brown but are lacking at say RB, would it not be better to trade? People say they are unknown's but how many unknown RB's this year produced or looked like they were going to produce? It depends on balance of the side. As I don't get to watch college football I'm not sure w
  7. So for us to finally win it, I just need two ugly games where the weather is a factor and then Nick Foles of 2013 turns up for the big show? It's possible right? Right?
  8. I'm not sure if you're shaming me for being an Eagles fan but predicting them to lose, or just for the fact I'm an Eagles fan! (A UK born and bread Eagles fan I might add)
  9. Well as an Eagles fan this one is going to be hard to do, but... Falcons, Pats, Steelers & Saints. I hope I'm completely wrong!
  10. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and your insight into next years rankings. Thank you for posting.
  11. Well I see the Chiefs as the only definite to win this weekend. The rest is open to discussion. However, I see it going as below; Chiefs Falcons Jags Saints
  12. Hi all, A Brit here. Finding this all very interesting reading all your insights on the next years rankings already. However, I have a question. Why is everyone putting Dalvin Cook so far up the rankings when he played 3 games and then got injured? Doesn't this make him a risk? Or is it worth the gamble as he has age on his side. Personally, given the option, of Cook or Ingram/Hunt would it not be better to go for the proven RB? Addition - Also the Vikings have 2 other decent RB's!
  13. Well it's between Chargers and Seahawks. Raiders did give the D a lot of points last time out against the Eagles. I'd say Chargers D is better, so I'd be tempted with them, unless you think the weather affected the game and their Offence. However Seahawks D is a great D and they are playing for their season. So I can see why you chose them. Good luck with your matchup.
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