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  1. If Min beats GB he will play to clinch home field advantage
  2. Because of the volume of targets?
  3. Need help deciding a Flex option. My line up will be Foles McCaffrey Cj Anderson due to opponent and recent snap increase. WR- Aj Green,Funchess,R Woods TE- Kelce Flex-? Def- Balt or Jax K- Boswell Options are E Engram, M Goodwin, Hyde and E Sanders. I cant decide between Engram and Goodwin
  4. I would say Jax. Ramsey will shut down Goodwin and Hyde will not be productive against their front 7.
  5. Tough pick here. Bortles has been red hot as of late and SF has an AVG def at best. I have been riding Bortles but I think I am making the switch to Foles for the ship
  6. I am in the same boat. Even though Gould won me the matchup last week I am turning to Boswell this week. I don’t think SF will move the ball too well against Jax.
  7. I would roster Pitt Def. Even though Cle is bad again this year they still have the ability to score with Gordon and Coleman back.
  8. I would have to agree with rostering Wright . He has seen a lot of targets lately. A lot of the other guys could be boom or bust options
  9. Need help deciding my flex option. QB-Foles, Keenum, Bortles Rb- Cj Anderson, McCaffrey, Hyde Wr- Aj Green, Robert Woods and Funchess, Cole, Goodwin TE- Kelce, Engram K- Boswell Def- Balt, Jax Cant decide who to put at the flex option between Goodwin or Engram. I don’t think Hyde, Cole or E Sanders would be a good option for this week.
  10. Both good points. I know they pulled dalton while they were down big, but has it been decided McCarron will start?
  11. Need some advice on my delima, I have Aj Green vs Det, Robert Woods vs TN, Goodwin vs Jax, Funchess vs TB and Cole vs SF. Aj has been boom or bust cause of Dalton’s play and hasn’t produced last 2 weeks. Goodwin likely will face off against Ramsey. Woods, Funchess and Cole will make my line up but do I sit Aj or Goodwin?
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