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  1. Its like you think that this is the first pandemic the human race has ever experienced.
  2. Frank Thomas Harold Baines - Has no business being in the HOF, but he was the face of the White Sox for about 7-8 years in the 80s Paul Konerko Mark Buerhle Just missed: Fisk - Regardless of his time here, I always think Red Sox when I think Fisk Sale - Best White Sox pitcher I'll likely ever see, but can't stand him. F him, his scissors and his affection for Drake LaRoche's leadership. Ventura - Boring player, boring person.
  3. Is there any real reason why every time someone associated with baseball tests positive for this, Rotoworld slaps Rob Manfred's face and name all over it? Can the powers that be on this site please make that stop? Its in incredibly poor taste.
  4. Jason Schmidt's first 3 full years with SF were a damn good run 48-20 2.99 ERA 1.07 WHIP 9.5 Kper9
  5. You might want to check either the 2020 ballots or the theme of this thread.
  6. God bless Jim Parque. Arguably the least intimidating MLB player of all time more than ready to take one for the team.
  7. Johnny Damon - Always solid and chased 20 SBs more often than not. Derrek Lee had a good decade long run where his OPS never dipped under .820 Jeff Kent - .902 OPS from 1998-2007, averaged 89 runs and 102 RBIs per year during that stretch.
  8. Amazes me how the complainers seem to think that every other ailment our health system needs to deal with just disappears in times like these.
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