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  1. I tried to slow down that chatter, along with the "he's a unicorn and a gazelle out there", which was hilarious. He's going to bounce back, but he's very matchup dependent. Teams are going to continue to close him down on 3 pointers and his efficiency there was always going to drop. He's losing minutes because he's not great defensively, aside from being a weak side help defender on blocks.
  2. Teams with good bigs that are good at protecting the paint will be tough matchups for Boucher (i.e. Miami, Philly, Lakers etc.). As teams start to respect his 3-pt shot, his efficiency will also drop because he doesn't quite have the handle or tools to go past his man and pull-up for a mid-range shot or to drive straight to the hoop.
  3. He's developed into a really good player, but all his buckets are either 3s, put backs or moves to the basket where someone finds him for a layup or dunk (hence Keon/Amir with the 3s lol). If you want to judge KP off of one play, then that's your choice.
  4. Bonjourrrrr! Another fantasytastic game 😀
  5. He's a really weird player to compare to, but he doesn't have the handle or post game that KP has. He's more like a former Raptor, Keon Clark (or Amir Johnson if you want a more recent comparison), but he has 3-pt range.
  6. Incoming: but, but he was late on some switches...
  7. As a Raps fan, I find the discussion in this thread to be hilarious. Why would any Raps fan be hating on the prototypical Raptor success story? You should be rooting for the skinny guy who has no business being this good. You should be rooting for the organization that continues to defy traditional scouting/expectations and turns discarded trash into legit NBA talent. Ya he’ll have off nights, but so what so does almost every player. It’s sad that the desire to be right (especially online) can come at the expense of being able to cheer for the success of a player you origin
  8. 15-2-3 in his first game with a new team so far and people are upset?
  9. Even though it was a blowout, it was nice to see a more productive game after his last couple outings.
  10. I guess your league doesn't have a steals category then. He's also got some lower end value in 3s and assists, which can rise with more PT and ball handling responsibilities.
  11. Draymond has never been a high usage player and has been frequently injured this year, while it's likely they'll be pretty cautious with Steph. I'm curious to find out why you think the organization wouldn't be investing in one of their rookies and providing them with playing time that is meaningless the rest of the year.
  12. Will this last when Holmes inevitably returns? Or is he purely a short-term add?
  13. It's almost like MPJ's stats from pre-ankle injury have just transferred over to Juan. The mins are there and the opportunity should be huge as everything is pretty much try outs for next season (as it has been for a while).
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