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  1. Flynn's going to get a lot of run to close out the season. Kyle continues to get mysteriously rested and I wouldn't be surprised if the same happens to Fred. Depending on when your playoffs are, hope folks held and can reap the benefits!
  2. Flynn should see plenty of run tonight. Kyle out again for rest, along with Gary, Jalen Harris, Bembry and Fred. Though it looks like Fred could return this Friday from his injury.
  3. Lowry (rest from toe infection) and Bembry (hamstring tightness) are out tonight. In today’s presser, Nurse said Fred’s injury doesn’t look good (whatever that means). He also said they’ll be looking to rest Kyle during the busier parts of the remaining schedule.
  4. This is more or less a lost season for my Raps. These are great developmental opportunities to grow a young player's game like Flynn. Kyle will likely concede primary ball handling duties to Flynn and has played plenty of off-ball with Fred. He's better than both Fred and Kyle at the same age.
  5. Been telling anyone willing to listen. Malachi is the real deal!
  6. Age, height and because of the weaker mid west conference he played in. The cancelled March Madness tourney hurt him even more than most because SDST was a rumoured 2 seed. He likely would have gone late lottery had he gotten to show his game in the tourney.
  7. The problem when he plays with Fred is that Fred often doesn’t want to share the ball. To be fair to Fred, Malachi wasn’t confident to start the year. If Fred is willing to share primary ball handling duties more often, there’s every chance Malachi could continue to provide value ROS. It’s essentially a lost season for us, so it should be seen as developmental time for Flynn. It’ll be difficult to maintain the same ROS value unless Kyle’s injury keeps him out for longer or Fred continues to be in and out of the lineup with his hip pointer issue.
  8. Flynnsanity is just getting started. His game really reminds me of a young Chris Paul and you can see his offensive game coming along as he gets more confidence. He struggled to begin the year because he was being asked to play off ball and has only ever been a primary ball handler his whole life. There’s a reason why he was rated as the best pick and roll ball handler in college in his draft class and he also had an incredible assist to turnover ratio. He sees the floor better than both Kyle and Fred and can really sling some cross court passes. He doesn’t have their strength, but he mak
  9. I tried to slow down that chatter, along with the "he's a unicorn and a gazelle out there", which was hilarious. He's going to bounce back, but he's very matchup dependent. Teams are going to continue to close him down on 3 pointers and his efficiency there was always going to drop. He's losing minutes because he's not great defensively, aside from being a weak side help defender on blocks.
  10. Teams with good bigs that are good at protecting the paint will be tough matchups for Boucher (i.e. Miami, Philly, Lakers etc.). As teams start to respect his 3-pt shot, his efficiency will also drop because he doesn't quite have the handle or tools to go past his man and pull-up for a mid-range shot or to drive straight to the hoop.
  11. He's developed into a really good player, but all his buckets are either 3s, put backs or moves to the basket where someone finds him for a layup or dunk (hence Keon/Amir with the 3s lol). If you want to judge KP off of one play, then that's your choice.
  12. Bonjourrrrr! Another fantasytastic game 😀
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