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  1. Baltimore has great D and browns QB is sub-par so I’d sit Gordon.


    Tennessee secondary has been terrible as of late so I would start woods.


    AB is out so Bryant will see a lot more action.  I would start him.


    For me it’s a tossup between Baldwin and Green.  However, I think Wilson will have a great rebound game.  I trust Wilson vs Dallas more than Dalton vs Lions.   So, I would sit Green and play Baldwin.


    To recap, sit Green and Gordon.  In my opinion ...

  2. Oh decent toss up between Bortles and Smith.  I think Winston will go back to being Winston so bench him.


    49ers are in the bottom tier for passing TD allowed. 


    Smith has been trending up the last few games, but Miami has shown (vs New England) that they can shut down a good offense.  However I'm a bit convinced it was more of a division step-it-up kind of game.


    Would probably go with Bortles and hope for the best. 

  3. Mariota has been on a long downtrend so bench him.  Tyrod is a terrible QB, but the NE defense is pretty bad.  I wouldn't count on Tyrod throwing another goal-line interception gift.  Also, Tyrod can run.  But the Bills are playing in Gillette so I think it will be a tough matchup for them.  Jimmy G is rolling right now, but hasn't been tested by a really good defense yet.  All in all, with the options you have, I would go Jimmy G.  It's a bit of a risk because you don't know how Jimmy G will do against that caliber defense, but I think he'll do better than Tyrod.

  4. NE run defense is terrible so you have to start McCoy.  Zeke will be looking to rip people's heads off coming off of his suspension so you should play him also.  Hunt had a good game last week after a long period of being just BLAH so I would pass on him and not get distracted by his flash in the pan performance last week.  I haven't seen Ingram break off huge, long TD runs like he did last week so I wouldn't rank him over Kamara (who has been a STUD).  However, I do think that Kamara and Ingram should be ranked about the same.  Probably a toss-up there.  My ranking would be:


    1) McCoy

    2) Elliot

    3) Kamara

    4) Ingram

    5) Hunt

  5. Houston offense isn't good at all, but Steelers defense is worse than people let on.  Look how many points they gave up to the Ravens.  Carolina is good as long as Winston goes back to being Winston ... however this is a division game for them and it can easily be a crapshoot.  Cinci has been trending down lately so Lions could be a good match.  I would probably rank them 1) Panthers  2) Lions  3) Steelers

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