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  1. And to think I passed on the Joker with my 5th pick to take this goof. 2 shots!!
  2. Dude wanted a highlight swat. Jumped out of control. Smh
  3. Dropped to me 5th. Was going to grab Joker but Beard to sexy to pass up.
  4. All day long DJ making clutch plays. But this ckown QB continues to pass to SamuelS who cant catch for sh it.
  5. How the hell you not let Davis tpuch the ball inside the 10
  6. Turdwater missed DJ on the corner route on that last play.
  7. 0 for Anderson and like 4 for DJ even though Moore had chunk plays.
  8. Coach trying to save his a** by calling out Turdwater.
  9. Thats what i do not understand. They are not using him even on dumpoffs like they run for CMC. Get Mike in open space. Instead they run all the plays through Samuel.
  10. No point spelling his name right. Cant even catch.
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